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Topic: David Copperfield discovers the dancing cane
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Jul 13, 2011 07:11PM)
On the Biography Channel website at
there is a video clip about how David Copperfield got his start in magic. Tony Spina tells about trying to discourage David from buying the dancing cane on one of his visits to Tannen's There are some clips that look transferred from super-8mm film of a very young David doing the appearing cane and the dancing cane. You can buy the whole Biography episode on DVD from their website at

----- Amado "Sonny" Narvaez
Message: Posted by: Oliver Ross (Jul 14, 2011 09:43AM)
Too bad, I can't watch this video. Anatole, do you have a link so I could watch it ?


Message: Posted by: magicians (Jul 14, 2011 12:46PM)
Took a while to load, but it does eventually come up.
Message: Posted by: Intrepid (Jul 18, 2011 11:08PM)
Won't work for me. The video clip is not iPad friendly (or vice versa). I'll go check it out on the PC, that will usually do the trick

Yep, the PC is still good for something. Thanks for sharing the link with us.
Message: Posted by: Mattia (Aug 21, 2011 07:27AM)
David said in an interview that he bought his first dancing cane from Fantasio. His father gave him.