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Topic: Busking in Virginia Beach
Message: Posted by: kumpletoo (Jul 15, 2011 04:26PM)
I'm going to Virginia Beach next weekend and thinking about busking while the Mrs. is working at a conference. Is there a good place to busk where there are a lot of people?
Message: Posted by: Rotten (Jul 16, 2011 01:27AM)
Me too.....?
Message: Posted by: kumpletoo (Jul 16, 2011 06:30PM)
No one here knows anything about busking in Va Beach.

Rotten: are you saying that you're also going to be there next weekend or you're inquiring about busking in Va Beach?
Message: Posted by: bwarren3 (Jul 17, 2011 05:23PM)
Hey Guys, Can't busk in va beach. They have it locked down to their Beach Street goings on.....there are lots of other cities where you can busk and not get in any trouble, just not Va B...Hope this helps..
Message: Posted by: kumpletoo (Jul 18, 2011 03:49PM)
Bwarren3: thanks for replying to this post. Can you suggest the other areas/cities you speak of since I'm not familiar with the surrounding cities of Va? I'm only going to be in Va just for this weekend and would just like the mrs. to take a photo or a short video of me performing to say that I've performed in Va, and to put them up on my website.
Message: Posted by: kumpletoo (Jul 19, 2011 08:23PM)
With suggestions from bwarren3 and my digging for busking regulations in Va beach, this is what I found out and hope it helps some of you folks who might want to busk at Va beach.

I did some investigation about busking in Va Beach and actually called a police precinct there. The officer I spoke with gave me excellent news about busking. The officer said that busking is actually permissible as long as you don't solicit for tips, in other words no hat lines. However, you can have a sign saying something like, "Tips are welcomed". Also, as long as your pitch is not next to an event that is going on at the time and not drawing to much crowd that it is hindering foot traffic. With that said, I'll be setting up my pitch along Atlantic Ave near the hotel where we will be staying.
Message: Posted by: Rotten (Jul 20, 2011 11:25PM)
I don't get that. Can't solicit but you can have a sign? Is that a normal thing? My jokes are much better than a sign. Eh, I just might check it out. No permit then?
Message: Posted by: kumpletoo (Jul 21, 2011 03:08AM)
Yes, no permit required. If you to find out for yourself, pm me and I'll give you the number to the police precinct.
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Jul 21, 2011 03:00PM)
Don't ask, don't tell.
Message: Posted by: Tim Friday (Aug 8, 2011 10:29AM)
I really like this post because it demonstrates a common experience when looking for a new pitch. kumpletoo asked about a pitch and was told 'no you can't pitch there' however he did not let it get him discouraged. He continued to investigate and discovered busking is allowed and found his pitch. By the way, go to youtube & search for virginia beach street performer & you will see a bunch of videos come up so apparently a lot of people are performing there...
Message: Posted by: ttorres (Aug 8, 2011 05:40PM)
Not exactly. The city of Virginia Beach pays a group to hire and manage performers. They are paid enterainers and not buskers. It's a petty good gig. I have a friend that has been performing magic there for seven years. That is not to say that some excellent buskers haven't performed this venue. These streets have seen the likes of Gazzo, Kozmo and of course my buddy Randy. I myself will be busking in either Virginia Beach or Norfolk this weekend.

Fat Hats,

Message: Posted by: teachersears (Aug 8, 2011 11:03PM)
Just curious Tony as I used to live there. Where do you busk in Norfolk?
Message: Posted by: ttorres (Aug 10, 2011 04:05AM)
I haven't busked in Norfolk but my buddy has a couple of spots in mind. Not sure where that might be. I'll let you know where we end up and how do.