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Topic: The best place in london
Message: Posted by: Yaniv Deautsch (Aug 24, 2003 02:39AM)
Where is the best place in London, standing outside and pretending you are a manekin doll?
Thanks for any information.
P.S is it legal?
Message: Posted by: invalidity (Aug 24, 2003 03:45AM)
Having been to London plenty of times, Leicester Square seems to be very popular with 'human statue' performers. I suppose you could try trafalgar square but you would probably get pigeon s**t on you.... :lol:

Another area that is popular with buskers is Covent Garden.

As for the legality.... I have no idea, perhaps someone else could address that.
Message: Posted by: Paul Jester (Aug 24, 2003 07:11AM)
I believe the only legal place to busk in London is Covent Garden, but I am not sure about Leicester Square because human statues' are popular there. As with Covent Garden the rules are that you have to do an Audition to show you can entertain, but I am not sure about human statues', they are a little different from the normal street entertainer!
-Trafalger square would be amusing though... nice idea invalidity!
Message: Posted by: Teng Chang (Aug 30, 2003 02:30PM)
I agree with Paul Jester with Convent Garden being the place to busk. But, if you're thinking of being a human statue, South Bank by the London Eye would be most suitable. You will be competing with a human statue every 10 metres. Plus theres loads of people! So good luck!
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 3, 2004 09:45PM)
Covent Gardens, I have performed in some surrounding centers as well.