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Topic: Trouble with different kinds of rings
Message: Posted by: Magnus (Aug 24, 2003 05:17PM)
I've just bought Greg Wilson's Ring Leader, and I'm very pleased with that. I have a ring with which I practice every move until I master it. But I've noticed that many times, when I borrow someone a ring, it's very different from the one I had been practicing with (it may be larger, smaller, thicker, whatever). The result is that in many situations I can't perform the routine perfectly, as I haven't practiced with that specific ring. Have this ever happened to you?
Message: Posted by: irossall (Aug 27, 2003 12:14PM)
I don't do magic with rings (except chinese linking rings) but I would suggest getting as many different kinds of rings as you can find and practice with all of them. The same holds true for any object you might borrow. If you do card magic, you will have to use many different brands of playing cards and the cards you borrow may be badly worn and dog eared. Also, as much as it is possible, try to recognise a "good" ring when you see it and check out everyone's ring and pick your volunteer according to their ring. I hope that this was of some help.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Aug 27, 2003 03:09PM)
I do a ring and string effect but I provide my own ring. It is the familiar class ring and is in fact, my class ring.

Since it is a genuine ungimmicked ring I have no qualms about passing it out to be inspected and do the routine.

I suppose it is stronger if I used a borrowed ring but all in all I am pleased with the response. Practically every other trick we as magicians do involves using our stuff so I don't think too much is made of it by the audience.

They expect we will provide the necessary props for our performance. After all, you don't bring parts of the set to a theater.

Besides, I want to be a magician, not a jeweler. :)

Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Sep 3, 2003 08:57PM)
I use my own ring, as well. It makes the routine work consistently.