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Topic: E-Z Add A Number - Nathan Kranzo
Message: Posted by: SIX (Jul 25, 2011 08:42PM)
I first met Nathan back in 2004 when I was about 15 years old. He did a lecture at Tannens along side Aarron Fisher, Lee Asher and Doug Edwards; talk about an amazing lecture :-p

Nathan definitely had some material, mainly close up, that stood out and really rocked the house. Since then Nathan started really delving into the comedy scene and mentalism scene, which is not normally combined. Yet from reviews read and material purchased, Nathan has done a great job combining the two.

His latest release, E-Z Add A Number is as honest as it gets, practically self working. For those familiar with the methods to add a numbers will not be in for a surprise, but I don't think the method is what you are paying for here.

Watching the performance on the dvd I was looking for some crazy new method, it was the inner typical magician inside me was aching for it. Its not what I received, yet I was not dissapointed in any way. I was actually very happy, and my brain was ticking.

I laughed at Nathans funny gags, and had that fun moment when you realize a product is truly an impromptu trick that you will definitely use, its that inner excitement. If you are looking for a new effect to add to your show that is powerful, you will enjoy this. If your looking for a new effect to have saved in case you ever need to do a last minute performance with nothing on you, this is it. If your looking for a new crazy method for add a number, this may not be it, but its still worth a look.

Nathan explains the method very well, and gives you some very good pointers, one that even crossed my mind and I would have made the mistake of in performance.

He includes two performances and the entire dvd wont take more then 30 minutes to watch. The effect is simple and you will be performing it in no time, everything you you need you will have, so, no need to run out to the store.

There are some ideas that I had personally for it, but then again Im always thinking. If you do pick up this routine, look into Richard Osterlinds wrist watch routine which will give you a cool Idea to apply to the routine. Nathan has a version in there, but I like the Osterlind subtlety which doesn't work on all watches, but a majority. Nathan teaches one which can be used on any and all watches so would be good to know.

Another Idea would be using an out to lunch on the add a number for a nice clean up (EVEN THOUGHT YOU DO NOT END DIRTY), Im just an over achiever. Its to much to explain, but if you buy this send me a pm and I will let you know what I mean.

Overall its a cool dvd and worth checking, enjoy :)

Video/DVD/Download Available at : http://kranzomagic.myshopify.com/products/nathan-kranzos-ez-add-a-number
Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Jul 25, 2011 09:33PM)
Thanks for taking the time to write this Mr. Muldoon!!!