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Topic: Toys...or magic tricks?
Message: Posted by: Adam1975 (Jul 31, 2011 09:09AM)
Don't know if this has been posted before,but are the Tenyo items used by pro magicians in there everyday sets ? Im just curious because some of the Tenyo items look like nothing on earth except a magic prop,so how do you explain this away...or indeed do you need to ? In these times of street magic done with everyday items,are Tenyo relics from a bygone era ? Is it just collectors who collect em,and that's it ? Not trying to stir up a honest nest,just curious.........

For the record,method wise,I think some of these items are genius,totally genius and clever.
Message: Posted by: todsky (Aug 1, 2011 11:21AM)
I often use Invisible Zone in my shows, and it gets a great reaction. I present it as a new technology from the future. Not really a routine, more of a short filler piece, a quick intro, etc.
Message: Posted by: superpixel (Aug 2, 2011 08:29AM)
I recently did a walk around gig and I used several Tenyo effects. Before, I had done a show for a 1st grade class with Tenyo.

I take a couple of approaches. For kids, I explain that these are some of the first tricks I learned, that they came in a kit when I was a kid. I even have a wooden briefcase made up to look like a "magic set" from several decades ago.

For adults, my character is somewhat of an absent-minded professor trying out "inventions" so the "props" don't seem out of place. I even modified a Sonic Screwdriver from Dr. Who (the Tennant one) to look sort of steampunkish and it's my magic wand...

I'm almost at a point where I'll start buying backups of my Tenyo and (collectors may not want to read further...) and modify them with paint and add-ons to look even *more* Victorian-era or at least "gadgety" to play into this character more. I'm particularly wanting to modify Blue Crystal this way :)

Invisible Zone, Zone Infinity and Krazy Keys are all really easy to carry around and don't arouse a lot of suspicion, I have found.
Message: Posted by: jugglestruck (May 3, 2012 05:10AM)
Invisible zone is a great fooler but I wish it did not look quite so plasticy.
Message: Posted by: Kane Mouri (Jul 12, 2012 10:19AM)
I use both their china rings and ocasionally their newspaper restoration.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Aug 16, 2012 07:32PM)
In days gone by I got great mileage out of using the jumbo card from JUMBO SIDETRACK with Don Alan's BIG DEAL. The folder was apparently just a carrier/protector for the large card.

The finish with Sidetrack, presented as almost an after thought, always got a tremendous reaction from adults...

Message: Posted by: Merc Man (Aug 19, 2012 08:22PM)
On 2012-05-03 06:10, jugglestruck wrote:
Invisible zone is a great fooler but I wish it did not look quite so plasticy.

I saw an idea once, in either Genii or Magic magazine, whereby somebody (apologies for not remembering his name) took the Invisible Zone, and covered/baked it in clay so that it resembled a rock. With a hole through it's centre, the disappearance of the pen looked very convincing in the photos.

Somebody bought a Tenyo prop, thought outside of the box, and has created himself a little miracle!
Message: Posted by: xl18 (Aug 19, 2012 11:13PM)
Yes that was a very unique performance of Invisible Zone.
Tenyo put some pictures of it on their website:
Message: Posted by: JackMagic (Aug 28, 2012 06:46AM)
Invisible Zone is Great !
Message: Posted by: bowers (Nov 7, 2012 03:28PM)
I also have used invisable zone as a filler for close up effect.
Message: Posted by: Dallas Robbins (Nov 4, 2013 09:34PM)
Superpixel, I really like your take on how to present Tenyo. I usually keep them to myself, but you've already have given me a couple good ideas.