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Topic: App like store for Magicians
Message: Posted by: Card-Shark (Aug 2, 2011 12:34AM)
Hi guys,

I always try to be on the edge of new technology. I was wondering about a solution how to get my online store for magicians into the Iphone or Ipad, and then had to face that other smartphones like all Androids etc. would need a solution also. I looked around on the market for long and nobody could offer me what I would have needed. So I decided to do it by my own.

Depending on if you are browsing with a smartphone or iphone, the link http://www.card-shark.de will bring you to the standard online shop or the shop front that is optimized for the Iphone. It should look and feel like an app, actually it seemingly uses the same technology of the "app" offered by Hottrix.

Please check out and give me your feedback. How is your browsing experience? Is anything missing? What else should / could I do? As a thank you for your help, I offer free shipping only for purchases through the Iphone app.

Message: Posted by: R-U-D-! (Aug 2, 2011 04:58PM)
Hi "Sharkie",
I've tried to add your HP like an app to my homescreen - your english version - and now...
R.I.P. between Zauberschrankforum.de and Themagiccafe.com.
Your Version looks fine on iPad, wenn ich auch kein Englich verstehe! ;-)
Bye Bye bis bald!
R-U-D-! from Austria
Message: Posted by: Card-Shark (Aug 2, 2011 05:07PM)
Danke, wie, du versteht kein englisch? What do you mean with R.I.P.? Is it broken?
Message: Posted by: R-U-D-! (Aug 3, 2011 03:19PM)
Funktioniert bestens ;-)
Aber momentan macht mich "Science Friction" fertig...!
Christian, I fear, I fear...These few bucks...
Ösis müssen ihre Nachbarn ja auch unterstützen *lol*
Und der Thread über SF ist herrlich zu lesen - stay cool, Sharkie!

All the best!
Message: Posted by: jlibby (Aug 3, 2011 10:07PM)
Christian, very nice app! The only thing is that, in at least some cases when reviewing an item, if you hit the back or home button it opens up a new Safari browser instead of moving back within the app.

But the design and layout is very nice. Thank you for doing this!

Joe Libby
San Antonio, TX
Message: Posted by: Sean Giles (Aug 21, 2011 09:31AM)
Great idea. I'll be using it. :)
Message: Posted by: Card-Shark (Aug 21, 2011 01:00PM)
Thank you. I am still trying to figure out how I can keep all clicks within the app without opening a new Safari window. There is no real patter to it. But I keep an eye on it.
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Aug 21, 2011 09:07PM)
Christian, I notice you're using [url=http://snippetspace.com/projects/iwebkit/]iWebKit[/url] as the basis of the site.

Have you considered switching to [url=http://jquerymobile.com/]jQuery Mobile[/url]? It's a lot more flexible, has the same development team as [url=http://jquery.com/]jQuery[/url] (which makes Javascript programming soooo much easier!), and there's no charge for using it on a commercial site.

It would help clear up the problem of new Safari windows opening up, which is largely the reason I bring it up.

I used jQuery Mobile to develop [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23420016/Verbatim2.html]Verbatim 2[/url], and I'm currently using it to [url=http://headinside.blogspot.com/2011/08/tybe-2-sneak-peek.html]develop TYBE 2[/url].

I do like your mobile site so far, however.