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Topic: Review of PANDORA by Liam Montier
Message: Posted by: Darius666 (Aug 4, 2011 07:20AM)
In short, an awesome collection of 8 tricks using something every magician owns, a card box! You get one with every deck so they are not hard to find and you probably have loads laying around! This is a great book and I will definately be using some of the material from it. It is available from Tricktastic.com for £10, a bargain in my eyes!

The first thing that strikes you is the great prodcution, this is certainly one of the best layed out ebooks I personally have read, of course, the important part is the actual tricks:

HALF CUT - A great trick where you show a card stapled to the card box. It doens't match the card that was just selected, but no problem, you wave the deck over it and is instantly changes. This looks really good, and the fact that the card is stapled does add something extra!

SCORCH - A favourite of mine as it uses fire :) A card is selected (free choice!) returend to the pack and placed inside the box. You burn the case with the lighter and show the case to be badly burnt. you remove the cards and show only one is now burnt. You guessed it, the selected card. You now 'heal' this card, along with the box as well!!!

STAPLED - This is a great transposition! Card is freely signed. You then take the two jokers and place in the box (the box has a large 'window' of either side. You staple the two jokers together. You then take the slection and change it to a joker. You know where the selection is now!

TARDIS - This is a great little optical illusion. This is the only trick where you may have to go out and get some extra bits. You show an optical illusion where the deck of cards visually grow. But was it an illusion? They no longer fit in the card box!

GRAFFITI - A mini card through window! Two cards are selected. You show your card box with a windonw cut out of one side. They spectators look through to see the drawing of the first card. Pretty good but what about the second card? You drop the first one in, then take it out and the drawing has changed to the second selection! That not all, you turn over the card in your hand and that to, has now changed to the second selection!

MOONIE - The half moon cut on the box is on the worng place! No problem for a magician! You just move it back!

FOLD OUT - I really like this, one of the early tricks I used from Magic for Dummies but on steroids. You have a bunch of post it notes stuck to the card box, and you pull them up and they show the name of a selected card. You then change what is written on them for a second selection!

THRU & THRU - A nice weird little effect. You have a line drawn on the box which you push a card through. Obviously the line is a cut in the box, or is it? Can all be examined with no cut to find!

My personal favourites of this collection are Fold Out, Scorch and Stapled. There is sertainly something here for everyone. It is written exremely well and very easy to understand with loads of pictures as well (essential for idiots like me!) All of the gaffs are easy to make and their is nothing to challenging skill wise so you will be blasting this stuff out in no time!

Can't add much more, if you like good magic, buy it. If you like rubbish magic, then don't!

Message: Posted by: Kevin Schaller (Aug 7, 2011 04:58PM)
I have to agree; Pandora is excellent, I really love it!
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Mar 4, 2017 05:03PM)

I have had this for years and was just looking at it again. There is some really good stuff in here!