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Topic: Busker jokes
Message: Posted by: Rotten (Aug 17, 2011 06:23AM)
I know I should listen to the great one but this is where I take coffee breaks. I'll just play till I find something better to do.

It seems every form of show biz I have been in has jokes geared just to them. From the "aristocrats" for stand ups to the many musician jokes, cruise line jokes, etc. Are there any busker jokes?

Here is a joke joke I heard that may fit the bill but isn't a busker joke per se.

"What did the square say to the old circle?"

"Been around long?"

Anyone? :)
Message: Posted by: teachersears (Aug 17, 2011 07:02AM)
How do you kill a busker?

Go for the juggler.
Message: Posted by: Pizpor (Aug 17, 2011 08:27AM)
What's the difference between a busker and a pizza?
A pizza can feed a family of four.

How do you get a busker off your front porch?
Just pay him for the pizza.
Message: Posted by: epoptika (Aug 17, 2011 06:45PM)
What do you call a busker without a girlfriend?


(OK, that's actually a musician joke.)
Message: Posted by: Devious (Aug 18, 2011 01:11PM)
What does a busker do with his tax refund?
"Nothing, what tax refund?" Get it? Not too funny eh? I'm working on it...
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 19, 2011 03:49PM)
What do you call a Street Magician´s girlfriend?

a statue.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 19, 2011 03:49PM)
Two Buskers walked by a bar.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 19, 2011 03:53PM)
Standing at a bus stop is a guy with a guitar case, a lady with an accordian, and two kids with unicycles and fire torches. Who´s the Busker?

,... the bus driver.
Message: Posted by: Dr_J_Ayala (Aug 19, 2011 08:51PM)
Two buskers walked into a building - you would think one of them would have seen it coming...

Two buskers were walking around just outside the city limits when they spotted a set of tracks. One busker looked down and said, "Hey look, rabbit tracks!" The other busker says, "Are you blind? Those are clearly dog tracks!" They were still arguing 10 minutes later when the train hit them.
Message: Posted by: Pizpor (Aug 19, 2011 09:10PM)
That reminds me of this one:
Two buskers walking down some railroad tracks. One of them says, "man, these stairs are killing me." And the other one says, "I don't mind the stairs, but these low hand rails are the pits!"
Message: Posted by: vernon (Aug 19, 2011 11:09PM)
How many buskers does it take to change a lightbulb.
One to change the bulb and the other 9 to say how they would do it better,in harder conditions for more money, bigger laughs, with more original material etc etc etc
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 20, 2011 06:29AM)
What do you call Gazzo, Chance, Jimmytalksalot, Bobby Maverick, and Paddy all playing the same Pitch you wanted to play?
That´s a Problem.

What do you call Gazzo, Chance, Jimmytalksalot, Bobby Maverick, Paddy, and James James(!) sitting on the moon?
That´s a Solution!
Message: Posted by: Bobby Maverick (Aug 20, 2011 09:48AM)
The real joke is how many people here call themselves buskers...

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Aug 20, 2011 10:04AM)
What do you call a black man who does street busking?

A "busker" you racist.

Posted: Aug 20, 2011 11:07am
What do you call a man who street busk in a pimp's outfit?

Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 20, 2011 04:05PM)
(p.s.: hey Mike, I´m still waiting for you to put up the foto of we two together on the streets of Detroit, in front of the Chrysler Towers!)
Message: Posted by: Eduardo (Aug 20, 2011 06:31PM)
Favourite buskers song "Gene Kelly - I'm singing in the rain"
Message: Posted by: Bobby Maverick (Aug 21, 2011 12:42AM)
On 2011-08-20 11:04, Dynamike wrote:
What do you call a black man who does street busking?

A "busker" you racist.

That was funny!
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Aug 22, 2011 09:43PM)
Sometimes I feel that the biggest busker joke around is me!
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Aug 23, 2011 06:24AM)
True story.

After a really hard days work, two `Artistes de la Rue´ meet on the corner. "Wow!", says the magician. "Today was hard. These folks were so bad, they didn´t know the time of day!"

"You can say that again!", replied the juggler. "By the way, what time is it?"

The magician, "I dunno."

Posted: Aug 23, 2011 7:37am
In Hamburg is one of the last few really good milliner in Germany. Looking in his window, I was surprised to see three of my busking buddys.,... all sitting at tables with piles of wool and wooden forms in front of them(!). hmm. Curiously, I stuck my head inside, and asked what was up. Abi, the mouth of the group, shot up, "Yeah, we´re getting the low-down on making fat hats!"
Message: Posted by: Devious (Aug 23, 2011 04:29PM)
This isn't a joke per se, but did ya' ever notice how during the show, we are all on the same page and happy go lucky until the moment that you make the tip pitch?

"Gee we were all friends just a minute ago"

Here's to fat hats mates!
Message: Posted by: kOnO (Aug 23, 2011 06:21PM)
Two Buskers walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Aug 25, 2011 05:44PM)
Get a real job
Message: Posted by: vernon (Aug 25, 2011 08:19PM)
You've got a gun. Your in a prison cell with an accountant, a layer and a busker. Who do you shoot...
The busker TWICE... Just to make sure.
Not advocating shooting anyone but it is funny in a sick sort of way.
And Tim I have a real job. Well not a 'job' per se but a walk of life..
Sometimes though I wander.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Aug 26, 2011 11:26AM)
Due to a strange but fortunate set of circumstances, Gazzo, Jimmy Talksalot, Bobby Maverick, and Chance all find themselves banging on the "Pearly Gates" asking to be let into heaven. St. Peter says "This is strange, I'll have to get the boss's permission first, wait right here."

He tells his boss the story "We have four buskers all wanting in to heaven." "Well, this IS strange, but I don't see any problem. Let them in."

A few minutes later St. Peter comes running back, "They're gone!"

"What? The buskers are gone? Where did they go?"

"Not the buskers, the Gates! Those *&^%'s stole the pearly Gates!!!"