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Topic: Eastern Moves by R. M.
Message: Posted by: Radmak (Aug 21, 2011 06:35AM)
Hi guys!

"I would like to present you a set of truly magical, simple routines that will shock, amaze and what is the most important entertain your audience. The routines are magical and simple to follow from the spectator’s point of view, nobody said all the techniques are easy to master. Read, practice and amaze!"

I am proud to announce that Eastern Moves has been finally published :) It's available at http://www.lybrary.com/eastern-moves-p-114975.html

Table of Contents:

I. Foreword
II. Useful Moves
- Flint Click Pass
- Ladder Tenkai Pennies
- The Bevel Slide
- FPV (First Person View) Change
- Roll and Slide Vanish
- 2K Vanish
- Zipper Vanish
III. Flourishes
- Arm Roll
- Triangle Roll Down
IV. A “Pocket” One coin routine
V. “Wishing Well” 3 coins routine
VI. “Magnetic Coins” routine
VII. Snap Coin Routine (SMCV)
VIII. Falling Coins Across
IX. Hypnotic Spellbound
X. Credits

All your reviews reviews or recommendations will be appreciated!