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Topic: What do you see when you close your eyes?
Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Aug 28, 2003 05:11PM)
Maybe I'm just weird, but for as long as I can remember, I have seen an image of a grey spiral-staircase (made of stone, as if in a castle) whenever I have closed my eyes. I'll do it now... Yep, there it was. Now, sometimes this image is very clear, and at other times it is faint; but it is nearly always there.

Now, I was wondering, does anybody else see anything (other than eyelids) when they close their eyes? And if so, what do you think it means?


Caleb Strange.

P.S. This is not one of my flights of fancy. This happens everytime I close my eyes. :o:
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Aug 28, 2003 05:56PM)
dancing spots
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Aug 28, 2003 06:04PM)
Up the dosage, Caleb. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: landmark (Aug 28, 2003 06:29PM)
Uhh . . . Dead people? :)
Message: Posted by: Payne (Aug 28, 2003 07:11PM)
On 2003-08-28 18:11, Caleb Strange wrote:
Maybe I'm just weird,

No Caleb, you are weird.

Not to say this is a bad thing.

p.s. do you see a light at the top (or bottom) of these stairs?
If so stay away from it.
Stay away from the light Caleb, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T GO NEAR THE LIGHT!!!
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Aug 28, 2003 10:35PM)
They look like multicolored sparks flying around. Weird.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Aug 28, 2003 11:20PM)
Phosphorenes...just like every now and then I wake up in the middle of the night...and turn on the lights...

And watch the colored splotches throb and somehow reality resolves itself from this.

These go from a red and black pattern on white...to some amazing purple and green patterns on black.

Vision is amazing.
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Aug 28, 2003 11:58PM)
I see an afterimage of the Magic Café logo permanently etched in my retina...... I've got to get out more.
Message: Posted by: Magix (Aug 29, 2003 07:19AM)
On 2003-08-28 20:11, Payne wrote:
No Caleb, you are weird.

Not weird - strange.
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Aug 29, 2003 09:20AM)
Caleb kicks butt.

I see thoughtforms.

Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Aug 29, 2003 12:46PM)
Payne, as it happens, I've 'explored' this staircase through active imagination, and haven't (yet) come to any harm. I'll heed your advice though, and endeavour to steer clear of the light! :)

My partner gets the dancing spots, lights and shapes, and I kind of envy her. They sound fun.

JonTown mentioned reality resolving itself from coloured splotches when the lights are switched on. I found this interesting, as, for the past few months, when I have opened my eyes on waking, I have occasionally seen distinctive geometrical patterns (hexagonal and octagonal), kind of like beautiful Moorish tiles.

Anyone else get this pulsing and gorgeous lattice on waking, or should I take dpe666's advice and up the dosage?


Caleb Strange.
Message: Posted by: jonesc2ii (Aug 29, 2003 07:23PM)
On 2003-08-29 00:20, JonTown wrote:
phosphorenes... just like every now and then i wake up in the middle of the night ...and turn on the lights...

and watch the colored splotches throb and somehow reality resolves itself from this.

these go from a red adn black pattern on white... to some amazing purple and green patterns on black.

vision is amazing

Sounds exactly like an acid trip. If you close your eyes when you're tripping you get these effects but really bright. I'm told.
Message: Posted by: blindbo (Aug 29, 2003 07:27PM)
I get the colored sparkles and the moorish tiles.
Get them most everytime I rub my eyes deeply.
I seem to remember reading about this as being a natural occurance. There is something released in the eyes when rubbed like that...

Oh, and even so that this is a natural phenomonon, don't let that stop you from upping the dosage - I don't!
Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Aug 30, 2003 12:10PM)
OK, if you have Windows, and have [b]ever[/b] used Windows Media Player, when you play music and the screen does all those colors and they move around, that's what I see.
Message: Posted by: lithis (Aug 30, 2003 12:52PM)
Before the moorish tiles, I usually see the outline of a woman behind window shades. Everything is pink.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Aug 30, 2003 02:36PM)
I see jumping sheep. :napping:
Message: Posted by: Mark Williams (Aug 30, 2003 11:48PM)
I unfortunately see [b]absolutely nothing[/b]!! He He He!!
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (Aug 31, 2003 01:17AM)
Usually I see a crow in darkness. But in a moment, I start to see many movements of action with cards. In most of mornings when I woke up, I see clearcut image of a completed creation of card trick.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Aug 31, 2003 04:50AM)
Windows Media Player squiggles, outlines of women—my friends, you are seeing some interesting stuff. I feel an idea for an effect coming on...

As for the crow in darkness, Hideo Kato, not sure whether this was a joke or not, but it is such a powerful and creepy image. I feel a bizarre effect/story coming on. BTW that would be a cool name and theme for a show "A crow in darkness". Many thanks for stimulating my sleepy mind.

Chrystal, I've never been able to visualise the jumping sheep; and, as an occasionally desperate insomniac, goodness knows I've tried! Are these imagined animals fluffy little lambkin-type things, or are they more like the dung-crusted and foot-and-mouth infested beasts we seem to have here in the UK?

Caleb Strange
Message: Posted by: Ellen Kotzin (Aug 31, 2003 09:07PM)
Maybe you envision your past life? Rhett Butler perhaps?

Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Sep 1, 2003 12:32PM)

Funny you should mention that. I have vaguely wondered about the castle staircase being part of some past life memory, maybe the last thing my fomer eyes saw! In fact, one of the reasons for starting this thread was to see if this sort of experience was widespread enough to use as the basis of a reincarnation routine.

I don't believe in reincarnation myself, but the active imagination exercises have thrown up many intriguing details; including an oft-repeated vision of a pale woman in a green velvet dress.

As for Rhett Butler, it would be nice to think that at least once in my existence, I was as roguish and debonair as Clark Gable. :)

Frankly my dear...No you see when I say, it doesn't sound right, it doesn't sound right at all.

Caleb Strange
Message: Posted by: Cheshire Cat (Sep 1, 2003 04:35PM)
I see trees of green, red roses too;
I see them bloom, for me and for you,
and I say to myself,
[i]What a Wonderful World[/i]!
Oh yehhhh!

Louis Armstrong: http://www.satchmo.net/
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Sep 2, 2003 11:27PM)
Here's what I found in a medical journal:

Floaters and Flashes...Floaters are spots, specks and lines that "float: across your field of vision. They are caused by stray cells or strands of tissue that float in the vitreous humor, the gel-like substance that fills the eyeball. If you see flashes of light call your eye doctor."

Well there you have it...

I'm wondering if this applies to magi's that use flash pots? :rotf:

Caleb, your vision is a bit weird but interesting...as for me I don't really see jumping sheep...doesn't work. I do however have a vague recollection of a quillotine...ah sorry lost my head for a moment. :heckno:
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (Sep 3, 2003 05:34AM)
A crow in darkness (Yamiyo no karasu in Japanese) is an expression for situation in which nothing can be seen. The phrase is not a joke, but I used it as a joke here.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Sep 3, 2003 06:25AM)
I'm scared of the dark so I painted the insides of my eyelids with flouresent yellow paint.

No seriously, I actually get the moorish tiles, sort of a light brown swirling honeycomb.
And why do the big purple splotches always float off to the right and never the left? :yawn:
Message: Posted by: Caleb Strange (Sep 3, 2003 12:36PM)
Hideo Kateo, thanks for that explanation—"a crow in darkness" is a beautiful image. I have a couple more questions for you as to its meaning, if you don't mind? In the Japanese does the phrase carry the sense that although nothing may be seen in the situation/darkness, nonetheless something powerful may be poised in it, waiting to be found? Or does the veer more towards the meaning that a situation is absurd/meaningless?

In my culture, we have a similar, though more prosaic phrase, "A black cat in a coal cellar at midnight". This tends to be used more as a joke.

Chrystal, thanks for the flashes and floaters details. I certainly get the floaters when my eyes are open. They look, to me, like little bubbles. As for the guillotine, can't say that I share this experience, but I do have a [b]very[/b] strong aversion to the idea of death by decapitation or, in fact, any trauma (e.g. gunshot) to the head. Don't know if other people share this? The thought of it really gives me the heebeegeebies, more so than any other death. And I would imagine that there are a lot more drawn-out and painful ways to go. (Yet another revealing glimpse into the Caleb Strange psyche you could have done without!)

Magicgeorge, another one with the moorish tiles, eh? Yours sound a bit more colourful and ornate than mine. Perhaps we're all frustrated tilers?

Caleb Strange
Message: Posted by: jonesc2ii (Sep 3, 2003 12:44PM)
Once upon a time in Warwick Castle I was carrying my young daughter up a very long very narrow stone stairway that leads to the top of a very high tower. Now I was absolutely fine on the way up and I was fine being on the top, but as we descended another staircase I got the most unbearable feeling that I had been there before and something terrible had happened, I felt like I had died there in a previous life. It was one of the most unnerving experiences of my life, very odd.
Message: Posted by: Kathryn Novak (Oct 8, 2003 01:04PM)
I see the retinal afterimage of whatever I was previously looking, staring or screaming at. :bg:
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Oct 8, 2003 03:00PM)
A firing squad.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Oct 8, 2003 09:07PM)
Forget the jumping sheep....I now see jumping sheepdogs. :hysteric:
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Oct 9, 2003 05:58AM)
Uh, Chrystal,

You're eyes are open.
Message: Posted by: Andini (Oct 9, 2003 06:29AM)
I see neon lights in movement. It's actually kind of neat!
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Oct 11, 2003 03:14AM)
Ha! Lastnitesfun! I suspect what you say is true!

Of course I never make mistakes but could be wrong about that!
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 11, 2003 01:30PM)
I see the inside of my eyelids.