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Topic: Uturn from Ellusionist
Message: Posted by: Xcath1 (Aug 24, 2011 09:50PM)
Another good one. Marcus Eddie did some cool rubberband stuff on a release from Ellusionist with Dany Ortiz, I think it was Symphony. A bunch of folks could not quite get the moves down. In this release, a similar effect, he goes into great detail about the subtle finger positioning neccesary to accomplish the effect. I suspect he realized how to explain some thinks that guys who invent tricks do automatically and don't always explain well. At any rate a neat "travelling cash" type effect that is well explained and I don't believe too difficult. Go check out the demo.
By the way I don't work for Ellusionist and probably have the same knee jerk reaction that a lot of people on the boards have. But I also have the same knee jerk reaction to check out every demo that shows up and they do have a few cool looking recent releases. I also bought "Shin Splin", aweseome looking but probably out of my league and too knacky.