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Topic: Instant Downloads
Message: Posted by: devin_devil (Aug 30, 2003 03:55AM)
Penguin Magic offers instant downloads.

I'm interested in some of the tricks, but was wondering if the instructions they gave are clear.

If anyone has ever downloaded from them before, please give me feedback. :)
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Aug 30, 2003 03:03PM)
I've bought three effects as instant downloads. The instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Hawkan :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Ricahato (Aug 30, 2003 06:40PM)
Hi devin

I have some of his videos and they are great, Oz explains everything really clear. I recommend the stealing pips.
Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Sep 1, 2003 10:02PM)
There is usually no problem at all with the "instant downloads." It just makes people's lives a little easier. The wave of the future, I love it. While we're on the subject I am offering a free card effect on my site. Check it out.

Message: Posted by: Euan (Sep 2, 2003 06:08AM)
The only problem I have with them is that they are instant downloads of material which is already in the magical literature.

For example: Out of This World, the Slap Trick, the Snap Change, Daleys Last Trick, Carlyles Upside Down Deck, Long Distance Spinner, etc...etc...etc...

They should be taken down.

--Euan :smoke:
Message: Posted by: funnybusiness (Nov 18, 2003 05:27PM)
Are there any other recommend instant download site other than penguin magic??
Message: Posted by: Roberto Gee (Nov 21, 2003 01:16AM)
Here's another one you might like. I always seek comments and reviews from Magic Café before paying for instant downloads -- but like everybody else, I love 'em.

Wish I knew how to make the below link a hotlink, but unfortunately, instructions aren't too clear here.


Oh! The site AUTOMATICALLY makes it a hotlink! Cool!

Alexandre --

Great looking site! Where does one go for the "free" card effect? Thanks.

Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Jan 18, 2004 08:02AM)
I have read some good comments about this place.
The videos seem to be of pretty good quality.
Just throwing it out there.

Nick Zender
Message: Posted by: Euan (Jan 18, 2004 09:53AM)
*%$#$#$*& etc...

:mad: What next? Instant download for 'cross the cut force' executed wrongly? The glimpse?

Gimme a break.
Message: Posted by: marko (Jan 19, 2004 04:52PM)
No kidding. Oz's videos are basically just versions of simple card effects that can be found in many classic texts (remember when they tried to sell Kane and Ortiz's Jazz Aces? And the way they're now selling Curry's Out Of This World). That Explosive Style site is apparently selling other people's work (and not even effects, just sleights that can be found in better resources) at ludicrous prices and should be shut down immediately. I could understand if these guys were genuinely trying to help amateurs by providing free tools to help them, but they're not. They're taking money for other people's work. There is so much in magic to learn and so many great ways to learn it. Please don't waste your time and money on these sites.
Message: Posted by: Dr Magic (Jan 24, 2004 08:10AM)
Following the previous link, I found this:
[url=http://www.downloadmagic.com/basics]The Basics[/url]
Looks good, does anyone have it?

Dr Magic
Message: Posted by: shahin (Jan 24, 2004 09:43AM)
Explosivestyle is a big, big joke! I only saw the side-steal! Excuse me, but this is very poor technique! Nick ,I wonder where you read some good comments?

Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Jan 24, 2004 10:43AM)
It was at magicvideodepot.com.
I posted it just a short while after seeing the link posted and the first few comments were positive.
Since that time it has been pointed out that it wasn't as good as originally presented.
My apologies...I was just over anxious to post something I thought would be useful.
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Jan 27, 2004 12:55PM)
I have a downloadable file available called "The Joining." It is a single rubber band and ring link and unlink.

Check it out at:


Jeff Pierce