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Topic: Transporting Your MicMouth to Gigs
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (Sep 5, 2011 10:49PM)
Just curious to know how you folks are getting your MicMouths to gigs. What type of container are you using to protect it? I'm hitting the road with mine this week and am looking for a better container than just the box it shipped in.


Message: Posted by: MT (Sep 6, 2011 12:01AM)
Good question. I haven't found a good container yet. It would be nice to know which container to use.
Message: Posted by: Dickens & Dave (Sep 6, 2011 12:05AM)
I don't have a mic mouth, but if I did, I would probably do like I did with a mask when I had one - I bought a hardshell camera case the right size for the mask. They usually, or at least the one I got, came with foam rubber inside which I was able to cut out to fit the mask.
Message: Posted by: Joseph_Then (Sep 6, 2011 01:08AM)
I have a cheap hardshell case too but that's used for my other mask.

You can try lock & lock containers. They are tough and they have many sizes. I used them to keep my cables and mics when traveling from shows to shows.

Something like this:

You may be able to find a similar ones at your local stores.
Message: Posted by: Steve at The Dummy Shoppe (Sep 6, 2011 01:24AM)
How about a "right sized" hardened plastic tool box for 4 or 5 dollars at Lowes or Home Depot. Wrap the Mic-mouth in a soft towell and drop it in the box.


Message: Posted by: Chuck Lyons (Sep 6, 2011 07:08AM)
I put mine in a small case that is similar to a roller skate case of years past only smaller. It is a hard case and works well to protect it from the sun, dust, and prying eyes, and wandewring denist....lol.

Chuck Lyons
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Sep 6, 2011 10:17AM)
Pelican cases has a size to fit any size prop; it comes with a pull out foam insert and is is crushproof and watertight
Message: Posted by: Wanlu (Sep 6, 2011 02:58PM)
I place mine inside the case with the figure... :)
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Sep 6, 2011 09:26PM)
Good Answer Wanlu
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (Sep 7, 2011 05:58AM)
On 2011-09-06 15:58, Wanlu wrote:
I place mine inside the case with the figure... :)

Great minds... In packing for a gig last night, I tried the same thing and it worked just fine.

Message: Posted by: axtell (Sep 28, 2011 10:10PM)
You can just slip it inside of a puppet, nice hollow soft container, probably already in your show case.

Let me see your photos and videos. steve@axtell.com

Message: Posted by: axtell (Oct 20, 2011 10:45PM)
David Hira just posted this on our facebook page.. It's a case available from Harbor Frieght that he says fits Mic-Mouth perfectly.


Message: Posted by: axtell (Nov 26, 2011 07:39PM)
Eric Leclerc sent this in... it might give you an idea with the performance and your case....


Hey Steve
I am currently on a magic tour where we will be doing 50 shows in 35 days, exciting! I have recently gotten my mic mouth and being VERY comfortable with ad-libing, I LOVE this thing! I use it in my kids shows and adult shows as well,NO MATTER what is said, the prop itself illicit amazing reactions.

I have discovered a great place to keep the mic mouth during the show that I think will appeal to many magicians and entertainers. Check out the picture below, it perfectly fits in any briefcase handle! Its perfect! It keep it handy, CLEAN and uses space that is usually useless. What do you think!?

Thanks for the great product. I am a huge fan of your company.

Eric Leclerc
Canada's 2 time Magic Champion