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Topic: Evolution and routines
Message: Posted by: blitzchampion (Aug 31, 2003 03:38PM)
So, I gather DVD's and books and learn sleights and a thousand tricks. For example Stealing Pips, say I master it, but what can I do next. Can someone explain and post a few routines. What do you guys do with all the material ? Do you practise hundreds of tricks and only perfor about 20 inside routines ? Can someone explain this better ? Thanks in advance
Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Aug 31, 2003 08:34PM)
It really depends on your objective. You learn as much as you can, but when you are ready to perform, you work on your presentation, which means you need to take a number of effects and put them together in an interesting way, perhaps even using a story as you build your routine.

Use the effects that you like best or that speak to you in some additional way. Once you have those, try puting them into a story, find the connection between the chosen effects.

It takes work, you can't just slap this sort of thing together. I believe routines should be a personal choice.

Message: Posted by: blitzchampion (Sep 1, 2003 04:03AM)
Thanks, how many routines do you have ? So, actually, routines r your favourite tricks ordered in the best way possible with an interesting story and into small groups that make them easier for practising purposes.