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Topic: Zauberknaben : New video for a social project
Message: Posted by: alex1802 (Sep 20, 2011 11:39AM)
Hi there,

we made a video for a social project in Germany. It's about integration , which is a very controversial topic all over the world. We speak German in the video but we think it's also interestering for the community.

We translated what we are saying , so you can imagine what is happening and why.

" I am Oskar and I am Alex. Here we have normal deck of cards. No... of course not! This playing card game is
a society game (parlour game). And as we know, our society is very diverse. But why is that? Sure! Because we are all different.

We look different , speak different languages , come from different countries and cities. (Thunderbird)

Some of us like Norbert know what life is all about. They have a life partner and a child that is going to be in school soon.

By contrast other people like Murat from Kreuzberg 36 (district in Berlin known for high percentage of foreigners) have a rough ride. He peters out in the society and faces FRUSTRATION , FAILURE and INTOLERANCE. So he falls to the ground of society.

Maybe he becomes a criminal. (Snap Change)

But, when proper integration happens he can make it to the top. (Clipshift)

Once again ? (Pixel)

Finally, our society is like a chain with many different links .....and one of them is Murat. (Tagged)

We hope you enjoy it and we would be happy if you support us!


Greetings from Germany ~ Zauberknaben
Message: Posted by: alex1802 (Sep 21, 2011 01:52AM)
Now you can activate subtitles in the video!