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Topic: Tool Case
Message: Posted by: silksock (Oct 3, 2011 09:13PM)
Is it the lowe's here in my town or has all of the lowe's quit carrying the aluminium tool case/ brief case?
Message: Posted by: silksock (Oct 3, 2011 09:18PM)
Does anyone know of another source that sells the tool cases?
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Oct 3, 2011 09:36PM)
You might try Home Depot, or even WalMart. Sometimes they have them. If you have a truck stop nearby, you can go by there and check. They usually stock them for the over the road drivers who need sturdy cases to survive their travels.

Message: Posted by: silksock (Oct 3, 2011 09:41PM)
Thanks for the help Mark.
Message: Posted by: Devious (Oct 3, 2011 10:26PM)
Silksock, all of the Harbour Freight Tools Stores carry the aluminum and black with silver trim tool cases. They come with the foam inserts, dividers, and carrying strap.
Message: Posted by: silksock (Oct 4, 2011 01:31PM)
Sounds great thanks for the help Devious.
Message: Posted by: Bapu (Oct 4, 2011 04:22PM)
I recently bought a decent aluminum case at Home Depot for about $25.00.
Message: Posted by: silksock (Oct 5, 2011 01:48PM)
We only have lowe's here in our area. The next time I am close to a home depot I will give them a look. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Pasquale (Nov 7, 2011 09:02AM)
You can also find on ebay. Also look at photographer's cases.....
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Dec 4, 2011 01:29PM)
Definitely recommend the Home Depot aluminum case. I feel like I am walking around with nuke codes. I only paid $24.95 last week.