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Topic: Sack X or other escapes like
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 4, 2011 07:35PM)
Hey there escape people I am familiar with a few of these but not exactly my forte soooo

here is what I need to know. my daughter and her 4 friends have entered a school talent show and this is their 3rd and final year at this school and we want to go big.

so I am looking for some cool ideas for what I thought would be a great escape for te 5 of them whether its only 2 or 3 or all of them getting locked up or what ever but I though the sack x or other mail bag escapes would be a cool thing.

one thought I had was to have all 5 get into a sack X or similar bag escape that is easiliy done and then once inside move a large white screen in fron t of them and turn on a light behind showing the shadow of them trying to escape. one by one they escape and stand there watching the others escape once they all escape either the white wall falls quickly or they burst thru the screeen BUT its not them its 5 other kids and they origianl kids are in the audience.

what you think

any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated. although I have several grand illusions for my show none really work for them nor can be done with all 5 so help me out please

thanks in advance!

Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Oct 4, 2011 09:45PM)
I like the idea you suggested. I think the audience will like ti too.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Oct 4, 2011 10:38PM)
That sounds good, but not with any commercial Sack X you are likely to find (they are too small for five people and the method would be obvious if they really escaped even in shadow form). But the shadow box plan means it's an illusion, not really an escape, so all you need are two huge but identical bags. One bag (B) is already tied and sealed at the top and waiting behind the shadow box with the five kids for the finale. The other bag (A) is opened in front of the shadow box, examined and then the other group of five kids climb in the bag and the top is tied and sealed. Now comes the hard part. Getting 10 teen-agers to coordinate and cross one another's paths without making a sound. The shadow box is pulled forward and around bag "A." The five kids inside bag A have to immediately exit the bag, exit the box taking the bag with them and go straight to the backdrop before they run around and get behind the audience for the reappearance. The five kids for the finale take bag B inside the shadow box and spread it out so that when you turn the light or overhead projector on from the rear, all that can be seen is the bag, wiggling as if it contained five kids. These kids need to be capable of some mime to pretend that they are emerging from the sides of the bag, bit by bit and one by one, struggling as if they are penetrating the cloth of the bag. They stand, two kids on each side of the bag, while kid #5 mimes in shadow an emerge from the top of the bag. Kid #5 then stands in the center holding the bag over his/her arm and the other kids open up the shadow box to reveal they are different kids. They take the bag into the audience to have it examined and there, surprise! They meet up with the original kids, one of whom left his/her hat in the bag and retrieves it when it is untied and opened up.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 5, 2011 05:58AM)
I was actually thinking of 5 separate bags one for each kid. this way it would spread across the stage and allow the kids to escape easier and the other 5 get into position easier.

obviously needs some fine tuning but it could work

I guess my question is --is there a bag out there that can be examaned and yet get out of with ease and speed?


Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Oct 5, 2011 06:14AM)
Again, it is the shadow box that turns this from an escape into an illusion of an escape, whether with one huge king sized bag or five separate bags and (presumably) shadow boxes. Once the shadow box is in place and the light is turned on, you see the shadow of a bag, whether it has a kid inside or is just draped over him from the outside, it is impossible to tell, so why not go for the easy way? If you're determined to make a real escape of it, try Qua-Fiki's Great Big Bag Escape from his book "Escapes For Teens" on my site. But there again, the shadow would reveal the secret of the escape, whereas the mime version with the kid already outside the bag (just covered by it) actually looks pretty good in silhouette form.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 5, 2011 08:39AM)
Agreed but I plan to have a large screen verses several shadow boxes for the shadow effect.

agreed also that teh other 5 kids will not have to really "escape" any thing as you are corect the shadow will look real enough and no one will be able to tell the difference.

thanks for the imput. we are still in the planning stages and who knows if this idea will even make the cut but we are exploring many options and ideas.

I of course am open to any thoughts or ideas regardless of whether they are related to this escape or some thing completely different.

Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Oct 5, 2011 09:13AM)
Perhaps it would be stronger if one kid didn't get out.
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Oct 5, 2011 10:13AM)
I have a bag I designed that can "sort of" be examined. Basically someone holds the top of the bag in their hand and invites spectators to tug on the seams, tug on the ropes or check for a false bottom. But, the bag stays in the performers hand. I really think that 5 bags will make the effect hard to follow and the audience will certianly applaud, but will have lost some interest in the performance.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 5, 2011 10:27AM)
Thanks its work in progress. not even sure this is what we will do.

we are just exploring ideas and this is one that I came up with.

so what would any of you suggest here.

I have 3 girls and 2 guys. my daughter being one of them. they are pretty quick lerners and have done other acts that I have designed in the past but on a smaller scale, simple rope escapes, shackles, dove productions and vanish.

last year I had them use my large double tip over for the 2 guys to spin and show empty and then produce the 3 girls.

but this is their last year. the graduate from 8th grade and they want to go out with a bang!!

Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Oct 5, 2011 02:12PM)
Sam. If you use the backlit screen, there is no need for a Sack X. Just tie then in - have them escape (being mindful of the shadows) - toss the bag upstage where someone tosses back a regular bag (placement of the lights is important) - and the new bags can be examined after the escape.

You could also have the bags examined before the show starts too.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Oct 5, 2011 02:59PM)
Harley Newman's idea of one kid not getting out gave me another idea- what if NONE of them got out, but just struggled and struggled in the bags. Finally, you call TIME! You then get spectators from the audience to come up and untie the bags one by one, and the five new kids are found inside. If you had all girls in the bags at the start and end up with all boys (or vice versa) that would make it obvious that they weren't in disguise at the start. Unless, of course, you get some cross dressing going on.
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Oct 5, 2011 04:08PM)
That's just begging for a line but I'm going to shut my mouth.

Dave, Ken...?
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Oct 5, 2011 04:25PM)
I like that idea. And it involves a bunch more kids, which is always a good thing. 5 bags with the scenario you propose...15-20 kids.

One of the paradoxes of middle and HS age kids, is that they think they're capable of independent thought, but decide things in groups. They also don't like to be left out, and many will not attempt something, if they think that will happen.

When our daughter was in middle school, we directed her school plays. The first year, there were 24 kids. The last year, following a philosophy of inclusion, we were up to 94. It was a monster for scripting and scheduling, but every single kid felt special. Each one felt that s/he'd made a contribution, and gotten something good back.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 5, 2011 07:08PM)
Well there will be only the 5 kids that are original to this. they are called magic 5 and this is their 3rd and final year.

I do like the idea of failure and then the kicker of it being 5 different kids! I like that alot.

now I just need to work out the logistics of that but that should be workable. let me play with that idea.

one thought is to tell the kids that are in the bag at the end that once it is untied count to 10 before getting out and the next one count to 8 an the next one to 6 etc etc that way there is a bit of a delayed getting out and then the big reveal.

it could be kind of funny to tell the kids to roll around and really make it look like they are struggling. even get one or two to get an arm out it would look cool on the shadow screen.

hmmm maybe this all might just work

Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Oct 5, 2011 08:17PM)
Sack X might not work well, with an arm sticking out. However, you're using other kids. THEY could appear to stick an arm out. It's shadowplay. You can do so much.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 5, 2011 09:06PM)
I may just use regular bags but with some kind of quick release for the kids that need to escape and 5 duplicate bags that can not escape from easily as we want to have myself or a spectator untie the bags.

I would ask if any one has any ideas that are completly different then this. meaning a whole other idea of some sort keeping in mind we have 5 kids for this or what ever routine I or we come up with

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Oct 5, 2011 10:03PM)
One more thought- color the bags and use color costumes on the kids. Let's say you have the five bags (and their duplicates) red, yellow, orange, green and blue. The bags are brought into the audience and examined. The bags are brought up on stage and passed out to the Magic 5, who are wearing black and white outfits, and in the process are switched for the duplicate EZ open Velcro bags (how else?). The examinable bags are brought backstage so the replacement 5 kids can get tied up in them and get in position for the switcheroo. The replacement 5 kids are wearing outfits that match the color of the bag in which they are confined. When the Magic 5 reappear in the audience, they, too, are wearing outfits that match the bags, and carrying magic wands of the same colors. Each Magic 5 kid congraulates the kid of matching outfit colors and passes him or her the wand as a symbol of passing on the power to the next generation, or something like that. Brings tears to my eyes just writing about it!
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Oct 19, 2011 08:49PM)
Ok it looks like I am going to run with this idea.

I plan to post the script and plans here so that I can employ your help and thoughts. we might have to move this to secret sessions not sure.

but I wanted to thank you guys for your help and ideas.

the only hurdle right now is having space to practice and the use of the acutal stage to practice.

hoping I can work this all out.

I am excited to see it come to fruitation.