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Topic: Speed Dating
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Oct 9, 2011 02:53PM)
I posted [url=http://headinside.blogspot.com/2011/09/review-speed-dating.html]my review of Michael Daniel's new work on the day for any date feat, called Speed Dating[/url].

If you've done this feat before, the calculations aren't radically new, but he does provide several handy tools to help you learn and perform it more quickly than you may have in the past. Besides the practice web app that's included, I especially like the ideas of the practice schedule and the approach to overcoming the difficulty that many people have with the modulo calculation.

More details are available at the review, and [url=http://www.lybrary.com/speed-dating-p-119767.html]the book itself is available from Lybrary.com[/url].
Message: Posted by: hcs (Oct 13, 2011 11:53AM)
Dear Scott Cram, I bought Mr. Daniel's ebook and I'm very sorry but I must disagree with some of your thoughts.
You wrote on your great website about "Speed Dating"[quote]… but the author offers an ingenious solution to that, which I'll come back to later ..[/quote]
Such a counting technique I described in my book “Encyclopedia of weekday calculation. I published the smaller ebook version also at Lybrary.com.
(Of course only in German :=)

My “Simple counting technique” is available for free.
The only difference is that my solution is much more sophisticated.

You wrote [quote]… What is innovative here is the way the mnemonics are coded so as to bring the required key numbers to mind as quickly as possible. I do like that memorization of the year keys is emphasized here, as that's really the only way to go when speed is important. …[/quote]
This isn’t innovative. I describe in my book a similiar method and much more sophisticated methods used by Pros.
The first mentalist who published this method in detail in English was Bernard Zufall in
Bernard Zufall: „Zufall’s Memory Trix”, No.1 - 6; Edition Max Holden, New York, 1940

I found in this ebook - that is no doubt good written - nothing that is new and unfortunately, I missed a citation of the correct sources.
So it seems for me that Mr. Michael Daniel has reinvented the wheel.

I'm sure that I cover all methods of weekday calculation in my book.
Message: Posted by: Michael Daniels (Oct 13, 2011 12:15PM)
Hans-Christian - I was not aware of your publications (are they available in English?) nor Bernard Zufall's book. I will be happy to add relevant citations to Speed Dating when I have had a chance to check these out fully. Your book seems to have only been published yesterday.

Of course the idea of using the Peg/Major memory system is nothing new. Your own counting method is rather different from that used in Speed Dating and, on the face of it, doesn't seem as well suited as my own for the necessary additions/subtractions.

With Speed Dating, the day can be correctly computed in less than five seconds.

Message: Posted by: hcs (Oct 13, 2011 12:35PM)
Dear Mike,
there is no doubt that your book is well written. The method allows to calculate a weekday in less than 5 seconds.
I mentioned only that all this methods are well known.
Zufall's book is available at Lybrary.com.

I'm sorry that my book is only available in German because I couldn't find a good translator how is knowledgeable in the field of memory.
So I understand that you couldn't notice my book.

The counting method is not new but almost used by mentalists. Trust me that my method is faster yours :=)
My method allows addition and subtraction of 3 and 4 automatically in one movement.

BTW good calculators can do a weekday calculation in less a half second.
The only method I don't discribe fully in my book includes the memorization of all 400 years AND months in one term.

If you want I can send you my ebook for free via email. PM me.
Best regards
Message: Posted by: Michael Daniels (Oct 14, 2011 07:05AM)
Hans - many thanks for sending me your encyclopedia of calendar methods. Those interested in these different methods (who can read German) will find this a terrific resource.

I have updated my Speed Dating ebook to include references to Bernard Zufall's calendar method, as well as Hans-Christian's encyclopedia and this new edition should be available on Lybrary very soon. Anyone who has bought (or buys) the first edition will be able to download the update for free.

Regarding Bernard Zufall's method - yes this does use the same mnemonic approach as that used in Speed Dating though, in my opinion, Zufall's mnemonics are unnecessarily complicated by including two codings for leap years.

Hans-Christian has also independently devised a very similar (though not identical) counting method to that used in Speed Dating. In my opinion there is probably little to choose in terms of ease of use and speed between these two methods once they are mastered. I like mine, however, and will stick with that.

Message: Posted by: hcs (Oct 14, 2011 09:49AM)
Mike, thank you very much for updating your book "Speed Dating" and for citing me.

I wish Mike and his new book all the best. Try also Mike's other books.
I recommend the book wholeheartedly.

Best regards
Message: Posted by: Michael Daniels (Oct 14, 2011 10:19AM)
Many thanks for your endorsement Hans-Christian - I appreciate it!

Speed Dating is now updated on Lybrary (link in my signature below).