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Topic: Al Davis
Message: Posted by: Regan (Oct 10, 2011 06:36AM)
I was very saddened to learn about the passing of Al Davis. I'm a lifelong Raiders' fan and Mr. Davis has always personified the team. It was difficult to watch them play yesterday without Mr. Davis in the stadium. I wish his son Mark the best, and I hope that he will carry on and be as passionate about the Raiders as his father was.

I met Mr. Davis in 1992 in Canton, Ohio when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Wow! What a day that was for me! I got to meet many of my childhood heroes. I got 28 autographs on ball cards and on the official Hall Of Fame program. I framed all the memorabilia and still have it hanging on my wall.

R.I.P. Mr. Davis.

Raider fans are going to miss you.


Message: Posted by: Woland (Oct 10, 2011 06:51AM)
He was unforgettable after the Raiders' Super Bowl victory.

"Just win."
Message: Posted by: Regan (Oct 10, 2011 06:57AM)
"Just Win Baby"
Message: Posted by: Dr. Delusion (Oct 10, 2011 08:08AM)
Even though I'm a Kansa City fan, I'll miss him as well.
Message: Posted by: LobowolfXXX (Oct 10, 2011 09:55AM)
I have been a Die-hard Raiders fan since I became a football fan, in '76. Al Davis, at one time, was a visionary, far ahead of his time, and he always had a great passion for the team. He has been far behind the (football) times for years now, and it's been painful watching what he's done to the team for a decade. I'm glad he had a long life and got to do what he loved for so long; I'm hoping now the Raiders can return to greatness.
Message: Posted by: Big Jeff (Oct 10, 2011 01:18PM)
I watched parts of the raiders game yesterday and it was a good game. They have the start of a good team and could be in the playoffs this year or next.

Their kicker is great and he keeps them in close games.

I'm a 5-0 PACKER fan and look forward to the game in Dec againest the raiders.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Oct 11, 2011 03:47PM)
I know the Raiders have been down, and it all starts and stops with Al Davis. I'll admit that he has been too reluctant to change at times, but I think his declining health has been the bigger problem. The Raiders have had some draft issues in some recent years. Al used to attend certain senior bowl games and scout the college players and evaluate them, and then personally talk to players he was interested in. He has not been able to do that for a while and some of his recent draft decisions have suffered. They haven't all been bad though, and it looks like he has finally got the Raiders rebuilt, despite some poor drafts in certain years.

As far as change goes, he has allowed some coaches to bring in some new philosophies, and some have worked and some haven't. He likes control, and he is a hands on owner. Players even call him coach, but his health has kept him further away for a while.

I feel some of Mr. Davis' biggest problems with running the Raiders stem from his loyalty to past players/coaches, and his impatience. He has changed head coaches too often in recent years, while holding on to some of the same assistant coaches for too long. I think he may have made some poor decisions on coaches because of his age and concern that he was running out of time.

Regardless of what has happened recently, I have loved the Raiders since I was 5 years old. I'll never pull for another team. Al Davis made them what they were, and what they are, and I will miss him. He is a football genius, and it is a shame he couldn't have stayed around to see the Raiders return to glory one more time. I like the direction they are going in, and I like Hue Jackson so far.

R.I.P. Mr. Davis. I hope your "Pride and Poise" boys will always remember your "Commitment To Excellence" and your "Will To Win"! Hopefully your "Raidas" will secure another Super Bowl victory and dedicate it you! "Just Win, Baby"!

Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Oct 11, 2011 04:11PM)
Well, I was born in SF, and also born with an undying hatred for the raiders, and a large part of their felony fan base. I wouldn't take a kid to a raider game, ever. Much less a girlfriend. Carmen Policy was asked recently why the raiders where having issues filling the seats, "I guess 3 strikes is starting to take effect"... zing!!!

That said, Davis was around for ever. He WAS the raiders. He was there before football became the gigantic sport it is today.
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Oct 14, 2011 05:51PM)
The fans should dedicate their next parking lot brawl to Al. I noticed something in some parts of San Jose, if you go to a mall during a raiders game there are a lot of teens walking around in Raider jackets in lil' packs. Hmmm....must have TiVo