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Topic: Nutty Resonse
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Oct 14, 2011 03:36PM)
[b]Wow... what a nice email came in to me... [/b]

I am using Nutty Surprise to GREAT effect in my restaurant work. Please tell Dean that I have thanked both he and you aloud at my shows many times! It's true! Audiences LOVE this bit, and the chef has brought his friends to come out to see me perform it because of the wonderful blend of effect and patter. This was a stroke of genius, Pete. I always liked Vernon's Parapathetic Walnuts and ALL his C&B expansions, but you made this one workable to the N'th degree. KUDOS, KUDOS, and more KUDOS! As the young people say, YOU DA MAN, PETE!

With warmest regards,

Robert Ferris
AKA Robert Cerne