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Topic: We need your help: Fundraising for children by a Ventriloquists Club
Message: Posted by: querni (Oct 16, 2011 06:40AM)
Hi all,

this is Christoph from Germany writing. A friend of mine founded a Club "ventriloquists help and support children". In that case, there´d been two big evening shows to raise money for children who lost their parents in Fukushima early this year. In upcoming November there´ll be a show to raise money for poor children in Germany.

For the moment, a German Bank runs a programm to find 1000 Clubs to spend 1000 Euro (which is roughly 1400 US-Dollar) each to support it´s work. The first 1000 clubs will be "elected" by a voting on the internet...

WE NEED YOU... Please click on the following page three times for the ventriloquits-Club...


1. click on the orange Button "Stimme abgeben"
2. type in your mail-adress
3. type in the code
4. click on "absenden"
5. You´ll receive an e-mail with the notice "Bitte bestätigen: Ihre Abstimmung bei DiBaDu und Dein Verein" and in that mail you´ll find an link as the follwoing

"- es öffnet sich die ING-DiBa Website, auf der Sie Ihren Link bitte bestätigen, indem Sie auf "Stimme abgeben" klicken

6. Follow the link and then click on "Stimme abgeben" again

and so, you voted once for the children...

Please redo it twice...

Thanks your your help