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Topic: Mentally Speaking
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Oct 22, 2011 06:39PM)
I want to thank Steve for creating the Mentally Speaking sub-forum, and for addressing the topic of advertising, something that has taken over the areas that I used to love to read.

Tony Iacoviello
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 22, 2011 07:30PM)
Thanks Tony. :)

The mentalism forums have become large enough to warrant a seperate area specially for reviews. Many, many Café members who are into mentalism have suggested the idea for some time now so it seemed like the appropriate thing to do. :)

In regards to the advertising issue, all of the review forums have guidelines (A sticky topic) at the top of the forum explaining our policies in regards to folks posting what amounts to nothing more than an advert.

While I certainly have no problem with someone announcing a book, product, etc. and letting us know it will be available at dealers at such and such a time, what I do have issue with is the idea that the poster is accepting pre-orders, takes PayPal, etc....there is a difference. I do sometimes turn a blind eye to a post when made by someone who helps support the Café on a month -to-month basis, but at least I know they help us pay the bills.

To those who complain they have tried to advertise here but get no response, obviously there is a communication issue. Think about it for a moment: Why on earth would I not want to embrace a new sponsor?
Many times someone will email me and I send them information which apparently they never receive (If you have an AOL account it is a given). Most likely the information I sent is in your spam folder or your ISP has rejected the email as Spam.

Anyone wanting advertising information can contact me at: stevebrooks@themagiccafe.com

Hope that helps. :bwink:
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Oct 24, 2011 11:31PM)
Thanks very much Steve!

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 7, 2011 09:52AM)
I want to thank you also Steve. :nod: