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Topic: Osterlind - Live Without A Net
Message: Posted by: Quentin (Oct 28, 2011 09:39AM)
My initial comments about this 3-DVD set are about the container they come in. It is flat cardboard and the discs are tightly squeezed in and difficult to remove. The danger is you will scrape the playing surface which will over time damage the discs.

I will - and recommend you do too - put them in a proper DVD box that holds three DVDs which should be available from computer (peripheral) supply shops.

So far, I've only looked at three items on one of the DVDs and have had a two year problem solved, so for me, I've already had my money's worth.
Message: Posted by: theinternetguru (Oct 28, 2011 05:19PM)
Can someone comment how this compares to the Mind Mysteries DVDs? Is this new material? Or just a repackaging of some of those routines in a live environment?
Message: Posted by: Domino Magic (Oct 29, 2011 09:18AM)
You can look at the contents of both DVD sets and see that most of the material is new. But even with some overlap, like Dunninger's Portfolio, which would compare to ThoughtScan on Mind Mysteries, it's night and day. Using that as an example, what Richard did with ThoughtScan in Mind Mysteries was a limited presentation. It was performed with a much smaller audience and venue. With his presentation of Dunninger's Portfolio you get the full presentation just as Richard would do it for any audience. This includes Richard going through the audience to pick up the slips, longer readings for each person and about 30 minutes of presentation.

Another example is Mental Epic. On one of his past DVD sets Richard performed his version of Mental Epic, the Ultra Board. This is a completely different prop and presentation. Here he is using a standard Mental Epic board and, in my opinion, the best presentation for Mental Epic you're going to see.

So if you're wondering about the value of the DVD set, it's definitely there on a number of levels. Yes you get to see some of the older material performed for a real, non-L&L audience, you get new material and you get to see Richard performing as he has been for the past 30+ years.

He has a special running right now [url]http://osterlindmysteries.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=55[/url] for a limited time which gets you the DVD set along with the Alpha-Mental Plus routine (not available anywhere) which is shown in the video demo for the DVDs.
Message: Posted by: brehaut (Oct 30, 2011 08:54PM)
I was floored by Richard at Mindvention. His skill, his passion and his ideas. I will be getting this based upon what I just saw him live.
Message: Posted by: eric50 (Nov 3, 2011 02:33PM)
I agree that When I saw Richard At Mindvention this year it was a treat. After watching his videos for years it was nice to meet the man and feel his passion for his craft.
Message: Posted by: john-pears (Nov 23, 2011 05:49AM)
My opinion: If you are a Osterlindīs fan, you cant go wrong. Amazing material and a living legend.
Some material was already published but seeing the master in action is really priceless.
If you want to buy it, do it from his website http://tinyurl.com/6mobpeq
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 8, 2016 06:08AM)
Is Alpha Mental still being offered? I know old thread but wanted a source.
Message: Posted by: Darby (Jun 8, 2016 09:23AM)
Sure is:
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 8, 2016 04:56PM)
Thanks very much.... :yippee: