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Topic: Library Marketing
Message: Posted by: Andini (Sep 6, 2003 08:12PM)
Hey guys! I have a marketing idea I'd like to run by you. I was in the psychology section of the library simply because I'm interested in the subject. Well, I picked up a book and flipped through it to see what it was all about. It felt like one of the pages was ripped, bent, or whatever (I think you know what I mean), so my hands naturally flipped to that page and in between the pages was a newspaper clipping of HOROSCOPES as well as the business card of a local psychologist.

Whoa! Could this work? It caught MY interest! Talk about marketing to the right audience (well, sorta). How do you guys feel about using a similar strategy on a magic book that you can see is frequently checked out? I'm interested in what your response to this will be.
Message: Posted by: jlibby (Sep 6, 2003 09:47PM)
You know, I read a similar idea from...I can't think of his name right now. His suggestion was to donate your excess books to the public library, but to be sure that your contact info was on the inside cover (via a label or ink stamp).

Hey, it couldn't hurt! Plus it's a deductible contribution.

See ya!
Joe L.
Message: Posted by: Zack (Sep 7, 2003 03:02AM)
This is known as "spiking." It's frowned on by some bookstores, but it can be effective.

I'm not sure about putting your contact info in a magic book. It strikes me that you will get people who want to LEARN magic, not people that want to HIRE a magician.
Message: Posted by: Andini (Sep 7, 2003 08:17AM)
I could see how bookstores wouldn't like it but libraries wouldn't mind simply because they're not selling the books.
Message: Posted by: wizardofsorts (Sep 7, 2003 02:41PM)
I'm with Zack. Maybe a book on planning parties would be better.

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Message: Posted by: jlibby (Sep 7, 2003 08:57PM)
On the other hand, if you wanted to sell a magic class, putting contact info to that effect would be appropriate.

See ya!
Joe L.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Sep 8, 2003 08:48AM)
Contact [url=http://www.stevetaylorpro.com/educational.htm][b]Steve Taylor[/b][/url], he has a video [i]Buggy About Books[/i] which is a great video if you are going to do libraries.
Message: Posted by: Ricky B (Sep 9, 2003 02:09AM)
Libraries wouldn't mind simply because they're not selling the books.[/quote]I disagree. It's a form of littering IMO. (If the card falls onto the floor, then it is littering.) Libraries are also not in the business of providing advertising space for people who don't want to pay for it.

If you're so sure about libraries not minding, why not ask the chief librarian for permission to do what you propose?

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Sep 9, 2003 12:55PM)
My problem with this technique is that you really are not targeting the right people by leaving your information in a magic book. I would think that most people wanting to check out the magic books would be fellow magicians or people wanting to get started in magic.

If you're a children's performer, you want to get your contact information into the hands of the decision makers who will want to book you. This usually is the mother of young kids. I just think there are better and more direct ways of getting your marketing information out to your "target" audience.

Just my two cents worth.
Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Sep 9, 2003 09:29PM)
Kyle is right. Sure, you mght pick up one booking, but that will be a fluke. The return on your time investment just isn't worth it.

Just another two cents. You could get rich this way.
Message: Posted by: Salazar Magic (Sep 10, 2003 10:58PM)
Try it. It can't hurt.