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Topic: Marketing Effects
Message: Posted by: hodge (Sep 9, 2003 05:48AM)
Greetings, this is my first post here at the Magic Café, may it be the first of many. I wanted to ask anyone who has had experience with getting his or her effects marketed to pass on a little advice to me in terms of how to get it done. I’m not talking about a book of effects here, just a single, very commercial effect.

Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: Andy Leviss (Sep 14, 2003 09:24PM)
Read through the earlier threads in this section, this is a question we've discussed more than once before. :o)
Message: Posted by: WolfgangWollet (Sep 20, 2003 09:27PM)
You could email me illusions1@earthlink.net and I would love to discuss the issue with you.
Message: Posted by: Andy Leviss (Sep 21, 2003 01:57AM)
By the way, after you do read those earlier threads, if you have further questions, don't be afraid to ask them! My suggestion was just meant to avoid us having dozens of posts saying the same thing...certainly do go ahead and ask anything new/that needs clarifaction after you read the advice myself and others have posted before. :oD