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Topic: Boondock Mental by Nathan Kranzo
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Nov 19, 2011 08:04PM)
Kranzo has a new DVD put out by Ellusionist called Boondock Mental. It is advertised as being mentalism, has 9 different pieces (some with variations) containing some of what I consider very strong mentalism, some mental magic, and some magic routines and utilities.

I'm not going to get into controversy on crediting, or debating possible derivations of moves or premises. Some things will seem familiar to some, but all have unique twists in either routining or utilization. I'm looking at this release as a performer sharing pet routines.

These routines, in my opinion, fall into small venue and strolling. Several could easily be performed at larger venues or on stage, but all could be performed table
side or parlor.

For this post, as I am short on time, I will focus on what I consider to be the gem, and why I feel that way (totally personal).

This is possibly more about me than Kranzo's routine, Stiletto, sorry about that.

I've been fascinated with card stabs sine the 1960's when I learned on in Scarne's book.  This effect found a place in all my performances in one form or another.  Since learning Malini's routine in 1975, that routine became the closer or encore piece of my parlor acts.

For close-up, I had to take a different tact.  People feared my frenzied card stabbing when I occurred very close to them, who would have thought that?  

Back in the 70s, I came up with a solution to Lynn Searles' problem of throwing a card into a tabled deck to locate a selected card, but with eyesight diminishing, it is becoming more difficult to throw a card across the table into the deck.  This has been the closing piece, or encore piece to my close-up mentalism act (yes, I worked it as a psychic/mentalism piece coupled with martial arts skill).  As I've gotten older my hit rate of sticking the deck has dropped and sometimes requires a second attempt, and sometimes a third.  Albeit, throwing a card ten feet and having it not only stick in a deck, but locate a lost, selected card is jaw dropping, but the very effect attributes more dextral skill than I wish to project at this stage of my life.  Plus I still like the idea of plunging a knife into a deck of cards.  Perhaps There is Sicilian blood in my Italian heritage.  

After viewing Nathan Kranzo's Boondock Mentalism, and his routine Stiletto, I now have an impressive, yet easy to do, single selection card stab that is workable in close-up and parlor situations which can pass as a smaller tamer version to what I do in larger performances.  

The routine, as stated is simple to do, allows for a freely selected and signed card, and looks amazing.  Highly recommended for this routine alone.

Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Nov 20, 2011 01:56AM)
Wow, thanks Tony for that exhaustive review.
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Nov 20, 2011 10:31AM)
In addition to my comments on Stiletto:

My second favorite on this DVD is Voodoo Bill.

The effect, in short: Using a freely selected and signed card and a borrowed and signed bill, sympathetic magic occurs. What is done to the bill happens to the card that is in the guest's possession. Likewise, what happens to the card happens to the bill, while in the guest's hand. A powerful demonstration that leaves souvenirs in the guest' hands.

Every aspect of the routining has been carefully thought out and is explained. This is something I will be adapting and using.

For those who love spoon bending, Kranzo has something here for you.
There Is No Spoon, this is more than just the routine taught. Nathan provides us with an easy to follow mini course on visual metal bending.

The routine itself may seem familiar, but it begins with a different twist that makes presentational sense and allows for the first half of the routine to be done by even the most timid, you start from clean and get the work done in a way that cannot be detected and I natural.

The Devi's Peek
This is a full business card peek, no folding, tearing, wallets... This is what the ad essentially says, and it is true. And although it is a time tested concept that has been used and developed by others, Kranzo's variation leaves the impression of being entirely hands off and has the card secured an in the possession of the guest.

The last two items I'll mention, even though there are more on the DVD, are Spent and Easy Canasta.

Spent is an effect where several matches are removed from a matchbook, held in the hand, and robbed of their energy. Smoke rises from your closed fist, then the spent matches are dumped from it. I love the look of the smoke, this is an impressive opening/introductory piece. And yes, the matches can be borrowed.

Easy Canasta is an easy, no SOH, 100%, version of a classic Canasta routine. Two decks are shuffled by the guest, you and the guest each remove 3 cards and place them in different pockets, the cards and locations match. This is so easy to do, I see it being used by almost everyone who sees the DVD.

This DVD has some carefully routined and well thought out material. Kranzo has provided some highly effective yet easy o follow (and easy to perform) material. I'm in awe and recommend this no just for the material, but as a lesson in simplification.

Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Nov 20, 2011 11:24AM)
Sorry for the typos, my iPad has a mind of it's own, and I sometimes miss the word changes it makes (those with an iPad will understand).

Message: Posted by: john-pears (Nov 26, 2011 11:27AM)
My opinion: Itīs good , but not good enough for the money that they ask for. My favorite is the Easy Canasta effect.
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Nov 26, 2011 12:24PM)
I prefer pablo amira's ebook
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Nov 26, 2011 12:46PM)
Lol. Thanks parmenion, that made me laugh out loud. :).

$30 for a nearly 2 hour DVD, 8 routines and a course on spoon bending; it seems worth the price to me.

Personally, I have two that I will adapt, and one that will be in my back pocket, so to speak, for spur of the moment presentations.
Plus I have some other neat things to play with. It is said I you get one thing you can use, it is worth the price; I got much more than that.

BTW, I have no relationship with Kranzo, and panned a previous product of his. This one, I like.

Tony Iacoviello
Message: Posted by: john-pears (Nov 26, 2011 02:57PM)
On 2011-11-26 13:24, parmenion wrote:
I prefer pablo amira's ebook
LOL, yes, I am pablo , sorry for being so obvious.
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Jul 17, 2016 01:53PM)
Agreed, not entirely a "mentalism" DVD but the word "mental" has more than one connotation - it can also be your state of mind - hence the title:

Boondock - isolated Mental - state of mind

Just a thought - here is my video review if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkPS3bCuH58