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Topic: All you will ever need to know about buying magic
Message: Posted by: Vick (Nov 30, 2011 05:38PM)
Nothing but the facts in a simple to understand format
Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Nov 30, 2011 06:08PM)
Is this really ALL people will EVER need to know about buying magic? Guess I better dump all my stock. Harry L.
Message: Posted by: FrenchDrop (Nov 30, 2011 06:56PM)
I don't get it. They make fun of online magic dealers, then show you all the products you can order from them...online?

Reminds me of a local car dealer who makes fun of silly, unprofessional used-car ads, then proceeds to do a 30-second spot with a ventriloquist's dummy.

Irony is dead.
Message: Posted by: bowers (Nov 30, 2011 09:44PM)
I believe that guy is a crack dealer.lol
Message: Posted by: Vick (Dec 1, 2011 08:30AM)
Yes Harry it is, what the massage is buy from a real magic dealer, not some guy in his mother's basement who can't answer your questions or give you great service any time you call.

Buy from someone who spent 30 years working on the road as a real magician, not some drop ship outfit you can't help you structure your show. You think most of the guys selling on ebay will have an encyclopedic knowledge of the art and most important books written over the past 100+ years? Case in point, I was looking for a very unusual effect that only two performers I know of are presenting, Denny knew what 2 books I could find it in immediately.

Harry if you don't know (and I'm sure you do) many volumes of your work are available at Denny and Lee's.

FrenchDrop - that is also all the products you can get when you go in the shop, plus at Denny and Lee's there is a stage you can use to work or block out your act (how many of us have a real stage in our homes or studios)

Pay attention to the message there, it will make you a better performer
Message: Posted by: Vick (Dec 1, 2011 08:34AM)
http://illusionsbyvick.blogspot.com/2011_09_01_archive.html will help explain the benefits you get from a real magic dealer

and illustrate why that's the place to shop
Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Dec 1, 2011 08:52AM)
Vick writes "...what the massage is buy from a real magic dealer, not some guy in his mother's basement who can't answer your questions or give you great service any time you call." I sure do agree with that. HL.

Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (Dec 1, 2011 09:02AM)
And I agree with you Harry :)
Message: Posted by: Ed_Millis (Dec 1, 2011 09:08AM)
The problem is going to be keeping these kinds of places alive and available. The proprietors all get old and tired. The expenses of a physical shop keep rising, while prices keep falling because of internet under-cutters and overseas knock-offs. Two shops only three hours away have both closed, leaving me with one shop five hours away. But an ever-growing array of internet "shops" with better prices and glowing promises.

And who is rising up with the vision to take the place of these older, wiser men? Who is starting out now with the heart to digest everything they can about magic so they can handle the shops of the next 10-20 years? The physical shops are very important, but they will be nothing without the ancient wizards who run them and take payment mostly in the pleasure of passing the craft along.

Message: Posted by: Vick (Dec 2, 2011 10:59AM)
Sorry massage should read message but the message has not be massaged and remains the same

(For the record Harry, I really enjoy the video of your work performing the Magic Square that's floating around on You Tube. I perform the Magic Square also and with the right presentation as you know goes over very well)

Ed ~ I don't know how many magic shops you get to in Puma (or 5 hours away) but here in DC/Balto we have 3. I don't think any of the 3 owners of the shops set out in their career to open a magic shop. I know Denny didn't. The people I know are in it to earn a living (not a great one) while doing something they enjoy, one of the 3 here can't enjoy passing the craft along as he doesn't have those skills. I was in that shop once and taking about "the Thing", he thought that was a high ticket item??!! When I asked him about making (some of) the Tommy Wonder Zombie modifications to "The Thing" he didn't have a clue.

The internet shops don't have better prices, when you buy a cheap or poorly constructed prop and have to replace it with a good quality prop later where is the savings? It actually costs more. What costs even MORE is if you buy a great effect that was poorly made and never get to use what could have been a great effect in your show.

When you buy a new effect or prop because of all the hype and it turns out it doesn't fit your act, where is the savings there? If you were going to a brick and mortar shop where they know you, know your show and style they can help recommend BOOKS and effects that are more likely to be a good fit for your style.

For example I buy all my flash paper (which I go through a lot of) from Denny & Lee's .... why, because Denny gets the best flash paper. It's not that folded up stuff, the flash paper at Denny's is always perfect, never folded sheets that are just a little larger than the folded up stuff. It works MUCH better for the floating rose routine (which I perform in every show), it tears better and is all around easier and better to work with. Plus the price is better! That's just one small example of the advantage of a brick and mortar.

Another example, just about a month ago I went over the concerns about my show and it's ebb and flow with Denny. Where the peaks in the show were and how to stay away from valleys. It helped a lot, I moved one effect in the show because of our discussion and it made the show better. Can the guy who just resells stuff do that for you? (I've read many of the books available on show structure, presentation and theory but it really helps to speak to someone who knows you and your show).

Buying on line with no real contact or support in most cases isn't going to help your show one bit, in fact it's going to hurt your show.

Are the on line shops going to be able to recommend the best (or any) books for you? In most cases NO. Because they make more money selling you a one trick DVD for $29.95 and you have to come back for more. If they sold you a great book for $30 where you get many effects, a better understanding of the effects and presentation you would have a better show but .... they have less money.

Sorry but I'm not familiar with a lot of Harry's work but I'm willing to wager you get more from one of Harry's book that you get from any DVD. Just look at http://harryloraynemagic.com/best-of-friends-1.html , do you see all the people, the great minds besides Harry who have contributed to that work??!! Is your 66.95 (shipping free from Harry) better spent for all the knowledge in that book or on 2 latest and greatest one trick DVD's? No Brainer! I don't know for certain but I'd imagine Harry might be able and willing to (but not hold your hand) if you had a question to share some guidance (if he hasn't already here or in another forum).

Is the guy in his Mom's basement going to be able to give that to you? Is the guy drop shipping knock off junk going to be able to answer ANY question you might have?

Ok I've beat my point into the ground but I hope it might have helped someone or set a spark off in their mind

and if you haven't seen it, take a look at the URL in my first post here, funny but VERY true
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Dec 2, 2011 08:21PM)
There are many threads on The Café that share your concerns Vick. I'm 49, and cut my teeth in the dozens of magic shops that have opened and closed in the Cleveland area. How can you describe to anyone whose never experienced it, the feeling you have when you enter a magic shop for the first time. It truly is...well, magical.

The few that are left often need to offer other product lines, like costumes, novelties, make-up, etc., just to survive. Yet, you are right. Once you've found a shop you like, and an owner you trust to steer you in the right direction...you have a friend indeed.

Fortunately, we still have one shop in my area...Illusions. Buck runs it, and will tell you something is junk if it's junk. Heck, he usually won't even stock it. And, he loves books (that's where I bought all of Mr. Lorayne's fine publications). Can't beat that.