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Topic: One-dollar items from "Dollar Tree"
Message: Posted by: Ringo Manzana (Dec 4, 2011 04:39PM)
I assume, since the Dollar Tree chain is nationwide, that one is near you. If you look in the toy aisle, you might find a handful of magic items like I did. For less than 20 bucks, I got four Criss Angel effects, two Ed Alonzo DVDs, three boxes of assorted "ultra-cheapo" gimmicks, a Svengali deck, a marked deck, and a handful of other fun items.

I've been practicing with them, and would like to make my first "real" magic show either for a kids' church group or the old folks home where my sister works. In any case, for any other newbies out there looking for some relatively inexpensive ways to start up, Dollar Tree may be the answer.
Message: Posted by: Drosselmeyer (Dec 4, 2011 04:59PM)
Also, waltz over to the silk flower section. I just scored an awesome bouquet of very realistic velvet roses for $5!
Message: Posted by: bowers (Dec 4, 2011 08:20PM)
You never know where magic might
just be.and cheap also.way to
go fellas.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Dec 4, 2011 11:12PM)
There's more to the Dollar Store than the little magic sets and individual magic tricks. That's why I have a whole section of my site devoted to just "Dollar Store Magic," and whenever ingredients for other Do-It-Yourself magic effects can be found there, that's always my first recommendation. Magic doesn't have to be expensive to be good.
Message: Posted by: BCS (Dec 5, 2011 09:42AM)
The Dollar Stores are also great for finding balls to use as final loads for the Cups and Balls... especially the Micro Cups and Micro Chop Cups.

Message: Posted by: DWRackley (Dec 8, 2011 05:28PM)
I use “squishy” sport balls (football, baseball, soccer ball, etc.) as a “guess which box” in a Mentalism routine. Those same balls are pictured on a large poster in another effect: all from Dollar Tree.

I also use bill cards and gift card boxes to add color to my bank night style routines. And since the restaurant where I usually work doesn’t allow flames, I use battery powered candles from (guess where) to set the mood.

Dry erase pens, small white boards, Sharpies, index cards (multiple colors)...

,,,Gotta love getting something useful for a dollar!!!
Message: Posted by: Drosselmeyer (Dec 8, 2011 08:25PM)
Hate to admit it ... But good place to fill in gaps on stage make-up too
Message: Posted by: Drosselmeyer (Jan 2, 2012 10:19PM)
Hey Ringo,
Thanks for the Dollar Tree tip. I picked up the Cris Angel deck and 3 beginner magic sets. Cherry picked the Boomerang illusion and two card Monte from the kits. Pocketed the Cris Angel number cards. Used them all for a close-up routine while attending a New Years Eve party. Impromptu and fun! Had some laughs and made people smile and wonder. Super tip!
Message: Posted by: IanL (Feb 2, 2012 01:18AM)
I found a tarot deck at my local Dollar Tree last night.
Message: Posted by: Payne (Feb 2, 2012 10:53AM)
Dollar Tree also carries a complete line of stage illusions for under $5.00. But you have to ask. :)

We have a Dasio up north in the Alderwood Mall that's my favorite place to look for odd stuff to make magic tricks out of. It's a Japanese Dollar and a half store which carries all sorts of interesting and odd stuff.

Between them and Archie McPhee's I rarely ever have to venture into a magic shop.
Message: Posted by: Lash (Feb 2, 2012 10:56AM)
I would recommend getting Barry Mitchell's DVD "DUH" in which he covers in lecture on how to make your own magic using stuff from the Dollar Stores. It's worth it if nothing else for the great pdf book that comes as an added feature. It's more than 100 pages of inspiration on things you can make and buy from the dollar store.
Message: Posted by: The Burnaby Kid (Feb 2, 2012 05:04PM)
Dollar Stores are great. If there's one word of caution I'd offer, it's this -- the inventory of such places is notoriously unreliable, and if something was there before but not there now, the staff aren't usually able to tell you when the item in question is going to be coming back. So, if you see something you like, buy it and a few extras as backups.