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Topic: Any good levitations?
Message: Posted by: big k (Sep 12, 2003 11:31PM)
Hey I was wondering if there are any good levitations out there? I got some IT, and bacciuc self levitation, and kind rising.


big k
Message: Posted by: Leeman (Sep 13, 2003 12:39AM)
are you talking about you levitating or you causing an item to float? if you are asking about the first then you just have to practice until you can do the routine smothlyso it doesn't look like you are using thread. i have never read an actual routine for a floating bill or something like that because i know how to do it and other then that it is all presentation and storyline that makes it interesting and i can come up with that myself.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Sep 13, 2003 12:53AM)
Check out Zero Gravity for a self levitation, and Losander has some GREAT videos on all sorts of levitation. (I.E. the Zombie ball, and also levitating bubbles. Very Very Cool)