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Topic: Set up for a magic show
Message: Posted by: mago verza (Dec 11, 2011 05:50PM)
I already did some shows for kids and the result was maybe quite good but nothing incredible so the point where I found more difficulties is the set up of the room: nobody was in charge to set up the room so was all up on me so I wonder if somebody can give me hints about:
. spectators seats ( where and at what distance)
. noisy kids
. magician table
. box because I suppose maybe is better to bring one box to take out and put my stuff

thank you
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 11, 2011 07:21PM)
There is no one way. You will have to pick what is best for yourself. It will not take overnight because it requires time. That is how a professional magician becomes professional. The best thing is to keep performing kids shows. The more you will perform, the more corrections you will make from time to time. I started magic 36 years ago. I still make changes in my show.
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Dec 11, 2011 07:27PM)
Hi Mago:

Unless you have a stage, setting up is a challange at every gig. Get there EARLY so that you will have time to pick out the best place to set up. Sometimes the client will already have somewhere in mind for you, but about half the time it is not in good spot. I carry a backdrop, but if you don't have one pick a corner or wall without a mirror or window behind you.

Set up in the smaller side of the room, so the audience is spread front to back instead of sidways. Put chairs 12 - 15 feet away from your performing area. If there are small kids present, but the chairs even further away, because the kids will sit down in a couple of rows in front of the chairs.

Put tape down if you want - this is a "barrier" that the kids aren't allowed to cross. Once everyone is seated, if you don't like the seating, tell everyone the show will get started as soon as everyone has a good seat. Then move the people at the extreme sides inward or to the back, and put the kids where you want them. Then you're ready to start the show.

Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Dec 12, 2011 03:41AM)
One way to deal with the noise levels is at the start have music playing just soft background. Then have just a short time of something a bit lively be for you start. Then stride out from the edge of your stage then take centre. This should get every ones attention and they should be ready and focused.

It now up to you to maintain this. There a hard line you donít what to be a battle with the noisy kids but you donít need the interruptions but your only work this out by doing.

All of this advice is great but a kid full of sugar and IT MY PARTY!!! attitude can bring the best down on their knees looking for a 9-5 desk job.

Keep going and have fun. And I you have enjoyed your shows and the crowd like them your doing something right.
Message: Posted by: London (Dec 12, 2011 08:20AM)
I would recommend getting yourself a copy of the book "Magic and Showmanship" by Henning Nelms. It covers a lot of great information on staging and handling audiences etc. The information can be adapted to work in any situation from a living room to a stage.
Message: Posted by: mago verza (Dec 12, 2011 10:39AM)
Thank you to everybody for your advices. I just ordered the book Magic and Showmanship.
I have just another question about the table:
it's better to put a tablecloth (black)fixed on the table, or maybe a felt mat.
Sometimes I wonder to have my folding table with me to have all ready, is that a strange idea?
Message: Posted by: London (Dec 12, 2011 11:33AM)
Good move getting the book. You will read it more than once and refer to it for as long as you perform. It is one of those books that you get something out of that you did not get the first time you read it. It is a valuable learning tool.

as far as the table thing. That all depends on your show and what makes sense for the continuity of things as the show progresses. All props need to be organized and readily available to you with out having to fumble looking for your next trick and a place to put the last trick with out taking away from the fluid movement the show should have. You will figure all that out the more you perform..It is also covered in the book. Everything from costuming to tables to lighting to setting up etc. etc. It will teach you a lot if you use it .
Best of luck and keep asking questions or you'll never know the answers.
Message: Posted by: Ed_Millis (Dec 12, 2011 12:29PM)
This is where many performers use a "suitcase"-type table (such as a Lefler). Everything is stored inside; you simply open it up and you're ready to go. The table is already covered in black felt. You can throw a tablecloth over it if you want, or attach a banner with your name and logo to the front.

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 12, 2011 12:32PM)
Better yet, I advise you to purchase the following DVDs. Each one explains performing for children.

Kid-Ability http://www.jimbosmagic.co.uk/shop.php

kidding Around http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S9738

Talk To The Hand http://www.kimmo.co.uk/Kimmostore.html

Especially this one: Kid$ Magic Partie$ http://www.my-magicshop.com/learn-magic/kid-magic-partie-dvd-by-mark-leveridge.php