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Topic: Close up Table
Message: Posted by: SmittyWitty (Dec 13, 2011 05:26PM)
Not really about "prop management", but has anyone used the Portable Pro Table from Magic Makers? The link in here:

Thanks for any input. I'm looking for a close-up table (and some advice).
Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Dec 13, 2011 07:37PM)
Here is one to consider.http://flipdisc.com/mmp.htm

Doug Ries makes some great stuff. He also does custom work.

Message: Posted by: charliecheckers (Dec 13, 2011 07:56PM)
Good suggestion Mark, the carry on gig cases look very nice and portable and I'm liking the Ultimate Gig Case too. Good stuff.
Message: Posted by: D Byrd (Dec 14, 2011 04:44PM)
Thanks Mark. Those cases and street tables are awesome!
Message: Posted by: pepka (Dec 19, 2011 01:41AM)
Is this the same Magic Fakers run by Rob Stiff? No thanks. Looks like a cheap imitation of a Jim Zee close up table.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Dec 19, 2011 03:10AM)
I do not have this table by Magic Makers, but everything of the larger props I have purchased that is a Magic Makers brand, has fallen apart. Most if not all their items are made in China, with no quality control. If this table is like their other natural wood looking products, it is most likely just covered in contact paper. I would not recommend a wood product from Maker Makers.
Message: Posted by: pepka (Dec 21, 2011 03:51AM)
The old saying about Magic Fakers run by Rob Stiff. First he robs you, then he stiffs you.
Message: Posted by: Dale J. O'Neill (Dec 21, 2011 11:27AM)
You might want to check out the Speed Table from The Magic Owl. I saw it last year at Blackpool, it is very nice but a bit

Message: Posted by: Richard Shawn (Dec 21, 2011 12:16PM)
The tables from Sub-divided studios are awesome. I got one two months ago and love it. I only break it out for special shows. It is elegant and classic.
Message: Posted by: dbriegs (Jan 22, 2012 08:50PM)
The cream of the crop are definitely the subdivided studios tables: http://www.subdividedstudios.com/table_base.html
Message: Posted by: dbriegs (Jan 22, 2012 08:52PM)
Richard, what size did you get? Pro? Executive? Did you get with base?
Message: Posted by: Richard Shawn (Jan 23, 2012 02:06PM)
I got the Pro. No base. It's awesome.
Message: Posted by: pepka (Jan 23, 2012 11:58PM)
I've never heard of Subdivided studios, but those look beautiful.
Message: Posted by: Cotham (Jan 25, 2012 11:04PM)
I got the table with base and it is spectacular. Incredibly well made. A real work of art.
Message: Posted by: AdamChance (Jan 27, 2012 11:35PM)
I wanted a close up table that also folded up... so I bought a "laptop stand" from walmart for like $20. The actual surface was nice, and it was almost the exact size as my large close-up pad... but the stand was super wobbly, so it was no good because it kept shaking every time you touched it. So I went to a music store and I bought a keyboard stand for about $70. But this thing is really well made... it all folds up and comes apart easily and is super sturdy. And so I just use the surface from the walmart-laptop stand, with my close up pad on top of it, and put it on the keyboard stand and it works great! the height is also adjustable. the only thing I need now is to attach a box to it to hold my tricks. I managed to attach a shoe box... but I want to get one made out of wood or plastic or metal that has different compartments to hold all my tricks and have things easily accessible.

here's a pic of my stand

another thing that's pretty cool is to just get a microphone stand (i have one from rockband)... and put a flashlight in there to use as a spotlight for your table. it's very cheap, portable, and you don't need an outlet or anything. but that might be useful in case the lighting isn't very good where ever you're performing. I would imagine that could be the case if you set up a table to perform at a bar or something like that. or even if you were busking on the street with a close up table at night it would work really well.
Message: Posted by: Max Krause (Feb 1, 2012 02:25AM)
Then there is this one... :)


Kind regards,
Message: Posted by: SmittyWitty (Feb 6, 2012 06:52PM)
Just to close out this thread that I started - I got an up close look at the Magic Makers Pro table. My friend at Diamonds Magic in Peabody, MA got one at his shop. The table is nice, but was wasn't screaming for me to take it home. Yes it is made in China, and yes, the workmanship could be better. Price is around $500 (Ive seen prices in the high $400s on e-Bay). On the plus side, it is quite large and light (the legs are not solid) and comes with a carrying bag for transport. Im certainly not going to slam this as a piece of junk but its a long way from a fine furniture piece.

I ended up buying a classic table from Doug Reis at flip-disc productions (www.flipdisc.com) and am very pleased. For a carrying bag, I purchased an expanded artist portfolio (25 x 37 x 6) from Portfolio and Art Cases in Bethesda, MD (www.portfolios-and-art-cases.com). I also purchased a sheet of foam rubber on eBay for padding and now am good to go.

Good luck on your quest.
Message: Posted by: Bluesman (Feb 6, 2012 08:02PM)
Thanks SmittyWitty for telling me about Doug Reis tables

I will be getting one!

Message: Posted by: sthielman (Mar 2, 2012 06:43AM)
I'm vouching for the Reis tables. I got his classic street table recently and really like it. Height is adjustable and perfect and the surfact is fantastic. He can make it from several types of wood, but the oak version that I bought fits the street worker look perfectly. Extremely well made.
Message: Posted by: Rokas (Jan 23, 2014 08:55AM)
You should check this one too: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I087CLY
Really awesome, hand crafted close up table