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Topic: Crystal Cleaver instant repeat?
Message: Posted by: adrianbent (Dec 18, 2011 09:52PM)
Tenyo's website under "Hot tips" claims that Crystal Cleaver can be instantly repeated without locking. Unfortunately the "fig 1" is missing, but more importantly I've been playing around with it and I can't figure out how this is possible? I think I'm just going to have to use an offbeat and reset the switch with the end of the sword while the spectator inspects the tube (et al., or some other form of misdirection).
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Jan 11, 2012 02:17AM)
What you need to do is make sure the trick is ready to perform and then move the switch (which usually faces you) to the left. Then when you place the cover on, press it down with more emphasis on the left. The mechanism with engage. You can keep on doing this again and again. If you want to lock the mechanism, rotate the switch to the front, perform the trick and then it will lock. All the missing illustration showed was the based rotated 90 degrees and the switch being on the left.