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Topic: Dr. Marco Paret
Message: Posted by: snm (Dec 21, 2011 04:23PM)
I was recently speaking with a friend of mine and they mentioned this guy saying he was the best hypnotist they've ever seen. I unfortunately, did not have the chance to ask them much more about him.

Can you anyone here tell me some more about him? This friend mentioned he had a dvd course out but I've only found a couple of his books.

Thanks guys!
Message: Posted by: mrkmarik (Dec 21, 2011 04:54PM)
Message: Posted by: snm (Dec 21, 2011 05:21PM)
Thanks for that!! Seems like he is a very respected and knowledgeable guy! Would certainly love to learn some of his stuff. Anyone know of his best material or resources? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: mrkmarik (Dec 21, 2011 05:32PM)
You can subscribe to his free Mesmerismus course here http://www.hypnotisme.com/hypnotisme/index.htm
Message: Posted by: snm (Dec 21, 2011 06:37PM)
Signed up for it.

So he pretty much teaches old school mesmerism techniques, right? Is this stuff actually effective now days?
Message: Posted by: Owen Mc Ginty (Dec 22, 2011 03:34AM)
There are a variety of opinions on what Dr. Paret teaches - everything from "absolutely fantastic" to "Utter bull ****" or "Hes just a con man".

A discussion on http://www.hypnothoughts.com on this very topic became the longest thread in the history of the website with over 27 pages of posts if I remember correctly. It turned into a slanging match between people who consider themselves authorities on hypnosis and the thread was locked. Then it was re-opened, and has finally been deleted.

As far as I can make out, Dr. Paret teaches techniques which are what Mesmers methods were based on. I am no expert on the topic, but if I remember correctly, Dr. Paret states something along the lines of his magnetism/fascination techniques being older than Mesmer. Mesmer was along the same lines, but Paret has discovered where Mesmers techniques came from. These, older techniques are supposed to be more effective and powerful than those practiced by Mesmer (although they are similar).

A lot of NLP trainers offer some kind of "energy" based course module, (e.g. Tad James has his "Huna" teaching course, David Shephard of the performance partnership has his "Aether" course and god only knows how many other courses there are like this out there).

The common denomenator I see amongst these courses is that they involve some sort of element of "faith" - almost like a religious faith, in something that cannot be seen, or touched, or heard etc.
According to Dr. Paret (or at least those who have attended his training) you can attain much deeper levels of trance with these methods, and complete amnesia can be obtained in a matter of seconds.

I dont think Dr. Paret advocates the use of these techniques for performance hypnosis, but rather encourages their use for healing.

Im reserving judgement on the whole thing for the time being. If what he says is true, this is VERY powerful stuff.