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Topic: Help on the Interlock Production.
Message: Posted by: SuperMagic (Sep 15, 2003 12:55PM)
I need some tips on getting this production right. I have been watching McBride's video and I feel very awkward doing this type of production. Is this the easiest one instead of the many other productions like this one?
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Sep 15, 2003 01:25PM)
A tip that Jeff gave me when I was in Vegas is to balance a coin on top of the cards when they are clipped. When you do the move, the coin should not fall. This is how he learned the move. Jeff Sheridan's interlock is the only other one of these that I know of, and I think the method that McBride teaches is better.
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Sep 15, 2003 03:02PM)
I learned an alternative method from Lou Lancaster's video, but I much preferred to put in the extra time to use the method explained on McBride's tape.

The balancing coin seems a good way to practice this production, as the cards shouldn't move at all - the hands do all the moving in this particular method.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Sep 15, 2003 05:14PM)
I also find that a great idea with the coin!! I wonder why he doesn't teach it on the video? Any other tips for learning or performing productions, zombieboy?

Thanks again
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Sep 15, 2003 06:34PM)
I started card manipulations about 6 years ago and started late (40 years old!). The interlaced production took me 4 years of off and on work to get it to where I could show it to other magicians. Boy was it worth it.
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Sep 16, 2003 01:58AM)
Practicing the interlock production?

Glue a stack of around 5-6 cards together as a block, then you can practice the showing empty move with a block of cards and there is no need to worry about the cards getting out of align. When you have that down put one card on the bottom, so it is free from the block and practice producing that one card while retaining the rest in the clipped position.

Hope this makes sense.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Sep 16, 2003 09:49AM)
I also use the coin based idea to help me to control the cards better during this move. The idea is that the cards never move. It is the hands moving around the cards that do all the work. I also keep in mind that the cards should always be horizontal and pointing back towards me. This helps me to keep the alignment. Of course, video taping your practices is the best way to determine if you are doing the move correctly.
Message: Posted by: ravi (Jan 25, 2004 12:31PM)
If you want to try something completely different, you should try the cottone sendax production of cards. (I hope, I remember the name right)
You do an interlocked card production with all (!) fingers spread. (Yes, the thumbs are spread apart too.)
And with this method, hiding the cards is much easier than you think, at least much easier than with the methods mentioned above.

Based on this sleight, I developed a variation where you do a interlocked production of cards with all the fingers spread and cards appear while the interlocked hands are turned palm to the audience the whole time.

It is something like interlock your hands, show the back, then the palm of your hands empty. While the spectators see the empty palms, a single card appears then another one and so on. (Without turning the hands)
It has been published in a German "all star" book named Hardcore. If you can read German, this might be a different approach to the interlocked production of cards.

Arsene by the way published a booklet on his card manipulation many years ago, where he gives a very good description of the classic interlocked production.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 25, 2004 03:20PM)

The original effect is described in the book "The Magic of Tenaki". This is the method Channing Pollock originally used.

Good Luck.

Bill :fyi:
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Jan 27, 2004 12:49PM)
And don't forget to avoid bringing the hands too close to your face or upper chest. I've seen the move executed flawlessly but too close to the chest and the cards appear to be pulled from the collar. Ugh! Imagine all that work to be accused of pulling the cards from your shirt or collar. :angry: