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Topic: Stimulating the World Economy
Message: Posted by: John Mazza (Jan 14, 2012 02:13PM)
I just went on a three day Tenyo binge where I ordered 28 Tenyo magic tricks from around the world.

I bought 11 tricks from Belgium (thanks KillerTweety), 5 tricks from Japan (thank Hitomi), 3 tricks from Thailand (thanks Maxello), and 9 tricks from the USA (thank SEO and Madhatter).

I have to thank stereo and his fantastic blog for stimulating my interest in a whole new batch of Tenyo magic. I used the site carefully to analyze which tricks would be right for me.

I also gleaned a lot of very useful information from this Tenyo section on the Magic Café. Thanks to the Magic Café Tenyo enthusiast.

I can't wait to get them all in and try them out.

Of course there are still a lot of tricks that I want and could not find and will be working on locating them as well.

My current count of Tenyo tricks is around 75.

Message: Posted by: stereo (Jan 14, 2012 03:32PM)
I'm happy if the blog help you to make your choice.
I hope you're happy with your purchases and if you ever think differently or you are disappointed with a trick, please do a review or a comment I can add to the blog to share your opinion.