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Topic: Magic Agora, the online magic school.
Message: Posted by: Juanma González (Jan 16, 2012 04:09AM)
Hi there, everybody! How are you doing? There's some information I wanted to share with you all.

Four months ago in Spain we started to hear about a new online magic project. It's called Magic Agora and it's an online magic school both in english and spanish. You can take a look here: http://bit.ly/uL1zm3

Some weeks ago they started to announce that their online courses will start in february, with lessons for every level at magic. The teachers of the first courses are people like Roberto Giobbi, Dani DaOrtiz, Woody Aragon, Iñaki Zabaletta and Martin Kaplan. As they say in the web page, these are not videos for download, but courses with text, video, private forums with the teachers, live lectures and so...

What do you think about such idea? I thought this could be interesting for some of you. Share and enjoy!

Message: Posted by: Devious (Jan 18, 2012 12:47AM)
Todos los anuncios estan in espanol. Debes de poner el lugar con la pagina en ingles.
Message: Posted by: Juanma González (Jan 18, 2012 03:42AM)
You're right, Devious: the titles are in spanish, but the contents are in english. But that's the english version of the page, I don't understand. Last time I checked it was all in english. I'll send an email to the owners, so they can fix the bug.

Gracias, amigo! ;)
Message: Posted by: Juanma González (Jan 18, 2012 06:36AM)
I think is fixed now. Take a look!


For those of you that speak spanish, the web is available in full spanish too. You can change the language at the top right corner of the page.

See you!