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Topic: Girl in the puzzle
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Jan 20, 2012 02:53AM)
One on the best build a very nice deceptive variation though I would share
on the other hand his relativley fat stomach and using her relatively nice b*** for misdirection didn't help making the interlude ( propably a copy ) more deceptive .
Message: Posted by: john wills (Jan 20, 2012 08:23AM)
Hi Dahih,
The problem is not the misdirection in the show, but DIRECTION.
The illusions look good, but performing them is something else.
For now only two points:
Why (and to whom) is he pointing at his entrance ??
At the end he is fumbling around with the Interlude, while she is waiting in pose.
So the illusions are more important then his partner is.
Resume: he makes the BIG mistake of manny illusionist: the props are more
important. He is "telling" the audience: "Watch: I have pretty illusions, so I"am a great illusionist".
He should start to read the direction advises from Joanny Spina in Magic Magazine and then hire a director.
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Jan 20, 2012 09:27AM)
Yes but that what I wanted to say .. he has a nice lady in the puzzle prop
his performance didn't mater to me .. but the prop was a nice deceptive variation
Message: Posted by: Falconer (Jan 21, 2012 04:47PM)
I agree with dahih beik. I like the "deceptive variation" and the prop looks very well made also.

Message: Posted by: Rolf Reiner (Jan 21, 2012 05:01PM)
There are some strange things going on with the presentation of the Lady in the Puzzle. The performer attempts to command a lot of applause when the pieces are inserted for the first time (about 2:10), but not at all when he reaches to the obvious applause cue - showing the apparatus to be empty (at 2:55). At this point, one person tries to applaud, but the structure of the routine kills it.
Why would he do that, ignore the best applause cue of the routine?
Because, in my opinion, the routine was tied to the song, and the song dictated the action.
Personally, my choice would have been to edit the music to suit my routine, not vice-versa.