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Topic: Tenyo Haunting Skeleton and Forget-me-not coin
Message: Posted by: wazowski (Jan 20, 2012 09:21AM)
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have two Tenyo tricks that I don't have the instructions for. If anyone could help me out, I would appreciate it. The tricks are The haunting Skeleton (where a skeleton sits on a column and holds a wooden pencil) and a coin call forget me not that at some point in the trick you rubber a pencil over a paper covering the coin to reveal a card choosen by the spectator. I think it was produced only in Japan. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: towledge (Jan 21, 2012 07:20AM)
There are many requests for instructions on this forum. I think anyone sharing instructions should first ask some questions proving ownership...ie details on design/ construction, etc.
Message: Posted by: wazowski (Jan 21, 2012 06:26PM)
Understandable. I'm also willing to swap instructions for Tenyo products I have (30+).
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Jan 21, 2012 08:00PM)
The Forget-Me-Not coin is simple. You force a Four of Hearts, then place the paper over the coin and rub it with the side of a pencil. Four Hearts will become readily visible. The Heart designs are hidden within flower petals.

There may be other subtleties in the instructions, but those are the basic requirements to use the coin.
Message: Posted by: wazowski (Jan 21, 2012 08:13PM)
Thanks Richard, I thought it was relatively simple, but I couldn't ever get a good impression of the 4 of hearts from the coin. I need t get a wooden pencil.
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Jan 21, 2012 08:16PM)
You need a wooden pencil that is well sharpened. Then turn the pencil sideways and use the SIDE of the lead, not the point, and rub briskly back and forth without pressing too hard. Alternately, a crayon rubbed lightly will do. :)
Message: Posted by: wazowski (Jan 21, 2012 09:21PM)
That actually works out since I have to get a short wooden pencil for the Haunting Skeleton :)