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Topic: English Instuctions for several tricks
Message: Posted by: killeen78 (Jan 21, 2012 04:10AM)
I am in Japan right now and I bought many tenyo products. Most of the tricks had English instuctions available, but there was 4 that I bought that did not.

Magic Eye, Floating Card, Illusion Truck. I am also picking up Syncro Boxes on Thursday, but it only comes with Japanese DVD. Any help would be great. I have figured out how the tricks work but I want their presentation explination and how to repair the floating card if damaged. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: killeen78 (Jan 21, 2012 04:18AM)
Here is a pic of my tricks I am refering too.
Message: Posted by: cyberdave03 (Jan 21, 2012 08:34PM)
I've sent him Third Eye and Floating Card. Perhaps someone could help him with Illusion Truck and Syncro Boxes (neither of which I have).