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Topic: What a con...
Message: Posted by: alanm99 (May 6, 2002 07:01PM)
Have a look at the following site,

What do YOU think of it ??
Do you think someone can fall for it?

[url=https://secure.grab.com/Campaign/Synapse_TAF/are_you_a_winner.asp?firstname=Sam+&lastname=Jefferies&email=ghostbuster%40bruce%2Dlee%2Ecom]Click Here[/url]
Message: Posted by: cardguy (May 6, 2002 08:28PM)
Whoever falls for this is braindead.
Message: Posted by: Greenshock (May 6, 2002 08:36PM)
Hey Guys,
If anyone here is unlucky enough to have a credit card that does NOT start with a 4 or 5, please email me immediately with your credit card number and I will make sure you get a $20 voucher.

P.S. Don't forget to include your expiry date!
Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (May 7, 2002 12:09PM)
Now if only we had Internet Police...

Just who WOULD you refer this to?

Should one mail this page to the FBI?
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (May 7, 2002 02:13PM)
Maybe register a complaint with uce@ftc.gov ?
Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (May 7, 2002 03:50PM)
Thanks Philemon,
I sent a link to uce@ftc.gov

Hope that will put a crease in their pants