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Topic: Chapter Meetings - What Makes Yours Special?
Message: Posted by: jamiedoyle (Jan 24, 2012 12:23PM)
Alright guys (and a few ladies)
I have been sworn in as Prez of our loacl FCM chapter and have adopetd the Top Hat opening that I believe Kif has shared here or at the FCM forums. (i actually read it in an issue of the Voice/Conjuror).

But I'm wondering: what makes your chapter meetings special? Do you have an emphasis or something that has really gone over well or better for your chapter meetings? Does your group tend to gravitate more toward lectures and mini-lectures, hands-on projects, outtings, the membership sharing... etc.

And what has drawn people to join your chapter? What have you seen that works great of communication?

Keep in mind that you have a voice on this topic as a current or past officer... or you are a member of a chapter. You see things from many different angles.
Message: Posted by: Kif Anderson (Feb 1, 2012 08:39AM)
LAFCM - which meets at The Magic Castle...obviously has that draw about it. The group usually quarterly has a speaker come in...and being in LA we have been able to have Max Maven, Mark Wilson, and a few others. I suppose a draw for some speakers is that they get to "lecture at The Magic Castle." But aside from that the meeting is a mix. Non lecture centered nights we have "Give Me Ten" which is a chance for a performer to show what they would do given a 10 minute spot on a program. This is followed by suggestions from the group, always lovingly lifted up. The meetings tend to last 90-120 minutes...and folks have the option of staying afterwards and seeing shows. Dues for the year for LAFCM are $50...or $40 if paid before Dec 31st.

FCM-OCGAS is far less structured. It meets at the Orange County Gospel Arts Studio (a.k.a. Oz and Wilde's studio) and it is more of a sit around the table and share environment. We have done MagicSports, developed by Tim Ellis. These are magic improv games...taking its name from TheaterSports. Lots of fun when we do that. Everyone generally brings something to share, often enough for all. We have a devotional time, prayer time (just a little more intense than that at LAFCM...as we have a bit more time). We usually meet at a local restaurant for dinner first and then get to the studio around 7:30 and it ends somewhere between 10:30 and 1:00 am. Lots of great fellowship.

These two are very different clubs, but both formats are great learning environments.

Anyway...that the current Southern California clubs.

I did a lecture at FCM International last year about club meetings and ideas. Any interested in this, please send an email to kifanderson@mac.com and I'll gladly send you a .pdf of it.

Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Feb 1, 2012 02:17PM)
You guys in LA have it made- must be really neat to have The Magic Castle as your meeting place. There is an IBM Ring (Battle Creek Neil Foster Ring) that is starting to meet again at The American Museum of Magic, and the Monk Watson/Percy Abbott club meets inside of FAB Magic in Colon. Those sure are FABulous settings for sure... One FCM Chapter I used to be involved with met at a local cable access filming studio- and we filmed those who brought stuff to share. We also did some outreach events in a theatre/barn in a large public park along with planning a Saturday morning program at the local juvenile home. So if your FCM Chapter meets on a Saturday, sometimes you can combine your meeting with another event.
Message: Posted by: harris (Feb 8, 2012 12:18PM)
We meet in a big room(s) in the basement of a church.
Our meetings include a devotion,bible reading, mini lecture and discussion. Sometimes we just are sitting around small tables pushed together sharing. Once a year we have a free (love offerings) 2 day workshop which feature national, regional and local professional trainers. We are also active in outreach ministry in our area. This ministry takes us to events from youth revivals to inter city activities such as Celebrate Urban Recovery. Our group is blessed with raw beginners to seasoned professionals.

We meet on the second Saturday in Shawnee, Kansas. Members come from all over the Kansas City (Mo and Ks) area.

Be safe, well and creative.

love brother Harris
Message: Posted by: jamiedoyle (Feb 10, 2012 01:09PM)
Thanks so much for your input guys... I am already thinking of a few additions we could try here in Colorado.

Is there anybody else who has some insight?