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Topic: More than one escape - general and specific questions
Message: Posted by: Sparrowhwk (Jan 25, 2012 02:05PM)
Hello all
I would like to get some input from the pro's who have the experience to have figured out the best solution(s) to the following questions:

First the specific question:
Does it make sense doing a 100ft rope escape and a SJ escape in the same show? (I know Harry Anderson did it in a very entertaining way, but I don't want to copy him, so it would be me doing both).
The type of show would of course make a difference, but I'm thinking about a 20 - 30 min street/festival/small venue show, which will have other elements as well as one or both of these escapes.
It seems to me the two would almost work against each other. While they are different escapes, there are a lot of similarities in these 2 pieces. I was wondering if one might detract from the other, or if the show would loose some impact having both of these.
Ultimately, is it better to choose to perform just one of these pieces, and have that decision driven by which might be more suitable to the specific circumstance?
If you think just one is better, what factors would you consider when deciding which would be more appropriate?

The general question:
Considering the above mentioned type of show, ie. we're not talking about a pure escape show, but rather a show which will include other pieces, for example juggling, balancing and possibly a "regular magic trick", would you plan just one escape, or is it feasible to include more than one?
I have read about constructing an escape show in some of the common escape texts, and understand that no one wants to see a series of boring escapes. When including multiple escapes, each should be different and have a purpose etc, That being said, it seems to me that it might be best to combine several escape elements (like a rope tie and handcuffs, or a mail bag/crate with restraints) into one "bigger" escape piece.
So I am looking for input on how I could possible incorporate 2 or perhaps even 3 escape pieces into the show. I would also like to hear if I am going down the wrong path, and should stick strictly to just one escape piece.

All comments/suggestions and/or references are very much appreciated. Once again thank you to everyone who shares their expertise on this forum.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Jan 25, 2012 02:41PM)
There are a number of different schools of thought with this.

As you know my own outdoor show incorporates juggling, sideshow and an escape. The whole show is designed to build to the escape, which is my finale. This works well for me.

However, I mix that show with another where I do more than one escape in the same show. In fact I do three. Cuffs, 100' rope and ending with the SJ.

I concentrate on different skills needed to escape.

For example:

Cuffs need fine motorskills and great attention to detail. I concentrate on the locks and suggest picking.

SJ comes second. I talk about needing to use, and control, the larger muscle groups in order to be able to free myself.

The rope is a pure challenge. A test of my skills against theirs. Essentially I need to use both the attention to detail and the large muscle groups to be able to escape.

Does this help?
Message: Posted by: Sparrowhwk (Jan 26, 2012 11:51PM)
Helpful - as always, thank you Ros.
It's all about figuring out how to make a reason or a story to allow what you need to do. So if I want to do 2 escapes - I need to come up with a story or a background/reason for what I'm doing in such a way that it seems the most natural thing in the world.
I'm interested to read that you do the 100ft rope as the finale vs the SJ - didn't see that coming. Obviously it works - so again, lesson learned - do it the way that works for the show.
Thanks for the insight.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Jan 27, 2012 02:35AM)
I've also used my SJ as an opener. Cuffs in the middle, then 100' rope as the finale.