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Topic: Fly me to the Moon
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jan 28, 2012 04:39PM)
Haven't heard her before. I like.

And this is pretty great too:
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jan 28, 2012 05:02PM)
What the heck--one more with hubby Elvis and Willie Nelson:
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jan 29, 2012 08:56AM)
Hmm . . . looking again in the morning, she doesn't seem as wonderful.

Mornings. Grr.
Message: Posted by: balducci (Jan 29, 2012 10:19AM)
"Fly me to the Moon"

I expected this thread to be about one of the GOP Presidential candidates, you know, the guy promising the moon-base.

Maybe this tune should be his campaign song?
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jan 29, 2012 11:58AM)
Yes Balducci
I thought this thread was about Newt going off the deep end too. 14 gazillion dollars in debt and he wants to write a blank check so we can start a colony on the moon. I'll contribute if he volunteers to go first.