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Topic: My Grandma the Viking Queen
Message: Posted by: critter (Jan 29, 2012 01:09AM)
With the family handling my Grandmother's estate I was recently given an old photograph. As it turns out, this is a picture of my Grandmother at her coronation as the Lodge Queen of our local Sons of Norway in 1951:

That's pretty cool.
They also found her diary and she actually went through the police academy in the 50's as well. They only chose one female out of the four in her class so she didn't get the job.
Message: Posted by: Destiny (Jan 29, 2012 08:03AM)
That's a great pic, Critter.

I have a friend whose family recently got interested in their geneaology and she's been sharing pics of great great grandparents etc on Facebook - history is so much more interesting with a personal connection.
Message: Posted by: critter (Jan 29, 2012 11:09AM)
I like history anyway, but it is fun when it's about family :)