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Topic: Did Magicman0323 Disappear ?
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (May 7, 2002 07:14AM)
I've been getting some E-mail from several members of the board, asking what happened to me?

Despite the popular rumor (or not so popular if you haven't asked where I've been) I did not make myself disappear. Nope I've just been working and working and working and the very limited free time I have is spent performing magic or spending time with my family. However I do see in the future my tight schedule loosing enough to allow me to breath and rest assured I'll be posting here again. I'm sitting in the shadows watching and reading, just not saying much these days. But don't worry (or do worry) I'll be back.....
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (May 7, 2002 07:48AM)
Funny, I was thinking about you today.... Come back soon. :nod:
Message: Posted by: Stephen Long (May 7, 2002 04:54PM)
You'd better pay us a visit soon, Magicman, or we'll send Ichazod round...

Looking forward to having you here again.
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (May 7, 2002 08:21PM)
Noooooooo not Ichazod !!!!
:shrug: :eek: :huh: :arg:

I promise y'all I'll be back ASAP, I've been lurking around here a little too long!

And Ichazod, you can feel free to visit me anytime buddy. :cool: :nod: :)