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Topic: Easy Travel
Message: Posted by: magicmike67 (Feb 8, 2012 02:07PM)
I do a stand up show that has recently gained attention in my area and I'm being asked to travel with a greater frequency than before. I'm looking for a way to transport my show that is easy and only requires one trip from the house to the car/car to venue. I travel with a table (the Ammar Three-Legged Table...open to suggestions), my gig bag from which I work (also open to suggestions), a garment bag for my performance attire, a small black trash can that functions as a ditch bag (open to suggestions) and a larger box that holds two wine glasses for my "Sympathetic Cards" routine.

So all things considered...that's three trips. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to upgrade or improve any of those methods?

Please and thank you.
Message: Posted by: WalkerMagic (Feb 8, 2012 04:22PM)
Here is what I use for a ditch bag. http://www.amazon.com/Winsome-Capri-Foldable-Fabric-Baskets/dp/B001E95R04/ref=pd_sim_hg_3
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Feb 8, 2012 06:08PM)
I would put as much as you can into a case or two, and use a dolly to transport. I carry 3 cases plus a backdrop on my dolly, and always get in and out in one trip. The dolly I use is called a Magna Cart and collapses for ease of storage/transport.
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Feb 8, 2012 06:11PM)
I would put as much as you can into a case or two, and use a dolly to transport. I carry 3 cases plus a backdrop on my dolly, and always get in and out in one trip. The dolly I use is called a Magna Cart and collapses for ease of storage/transport.
Message: Posted by: rmann (Feb 28, 2012 01:00PM)
Depending on the sizes of your gig bag and various boxes, you could use one of those suitcases with wheels on the bottom and a collapsible handle. I personally like the ones with four wheels on the bottom which can move in all directions. They are available in sizes from "carry-on" through "Extra-large load coming through!" and are not too expensive. Extra items which don't fit in the suitcase can be stacked atop the suitcase and a light bungee cord will keep it attached to the handle. That would keep you from having to carry a separate dolly. A little creativity and some fabric paint for your logo/information, and you are set to go.

As far as a separate dolly, should you decide to go in that direction, there are several available for travelers which do a good job and are very compact.

Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Feb 28, 2012 06:15PM)
There are a number of ways to go. You could use a footlocker with wheels. I sometimes use several duffles, because I can carry several of them in the same hand. Hard cases tend to have the handles centered, so you can only carry one case in each hand. I use a teacher's tote bag for ditching - looks much nicer than a trash bag. A wooden restaurant tray stand can make a nice stand, or act as a table with a finished board on top.

Keep in mind that the more you haul in in one trip, the more fatigued you'll be. Also, you'll set yourself up for the potential of injury or dinging things up, if you carry too much in one trip.

You could use several hard cases on a dolly, but you'll have a difficult time negotiating stairs with that. That's why I use duffles and plastic totes - they're light enough to carry.

After you've checked in, pull into a loading area and unload there, if possible. Avoid long trips to and from a parking space. You'll want to be only carrying something light, when you first walk into the venue, because you may have to hunt down the person in charge.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Feb 29, 2012 04:08PM)
Instant one-trip-to-the-car creator:

I've wheeled this thing thru hotels, casinos, outdoor fairs, baseball stadiums, etc.

Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Feb 29, 2012 04:32PM)
That's a great cart.

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Message: Posted by: HCM (Mar 27, 2012 09:26PM)
Congratulations on the progress with your show. Being booked more is a great problem to have!

I have used lots of techniques for the road, and it really depends on your personal needs to make it fit just right. When I first started performing, I built my stage table to fit inside a carry on size rolling suitcase. When I started traveling on planes, I found the suitcase didn't really protect my props well enough. Also, I felt it didn't look that professional to show up with a suitcase. Eventually, I got a quality road case for my show and that was the best thing I ever did. I got one that was large enough to carry my stage table, all my props and my costume. The costume was folded up and would wrinkle, but you could easily pack a steamer in it too! If you are just doing local gigs, you can easily carry a garment bag to protect your clothes. I also carried a full size steel toolbox with my tools and necessities to set up my show. The key to get all of this to move together was a collapsible hand truck like the one recommended by jkvand.

For the road case, I was able to get a boneyard (surplus) case from Encore Cases in California. I couldn't recommend their cases enough. Call them up and tell them what size case you need and if you are lucky enough that they have a boneyard case that is the right size, you should get a great deal. Just get a bigger case than you think you need so you can grow your show and add more to it if necessary. You can ask Encore to send extra foam blocks for the inside to fill the empty space if you need it. That way you can adjust it as needed. A proper case will protect your show and make it easy to travel. You can also get them with built in wheels, but a broken wheel could really set you back. That's why I used a separate hand truck. If the hand truck breaks, you throw it out and get another one and it doesn't affect your case or its ability to move. The hand truck and road case can probably be had for around $250 for a show your size, it just depends on how good of a deal you get on the case.
Message: Posted by: taoist (May 24, 2012 10:47PM)
This would not appeal to most...
If you want a sound system for up to 200 people integrated into a check-in sized trolley style case which can convert into a chair and still hold gear: http://vimeo.com/17434729