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Topic: What motivates you?
Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Feb 12, 2012 03:00PM)
What book (magic or non-magic related) motivates you? Also is there a DVD that does the same?

Message: Posted by: Mark Boody Illusionist (Feb 15, 2012 02:32PM)
Well, I'll start. I favor sport movies, Rudy, Rocky I, Miracle etc. Magic wise old videos of David Copperfield, World's Greatest Magic I & Lance Burton's dove act. This fires me up to practice, practice, practice!!!

Message: Posted by: Andy Young (Mar 15, 2012 07:05PM)
I love to watch anything with Michael Ammar. He just has a way with words
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Apr 16, 2012 07:38PM)
The money for one. Big pay days really make me give just that much more to the art that I am blessed to get paid to do.

Other times is having something new that really helps to keep me interested.
Message: Posted by: Believing (Apr 20, 2012 05:00PM)
Watching videos of Lennart Green doing cardwork motivates me; he's so good with cards, makes me want to do better.
Message: Posted by: Ray Bertrand (Apr 24, 2012 12:48PM)
Some of my favorite motivational material comes from authors such as Brian Tracy ('Maximum Achievement', 'Change Your Thinking Change Your Life', 'Speak to Win', etc.); Les Brown ('Live Your Dreams', 'It's Not Over Until You Win', etc.); David J. Schwartz ('The Magic of Thinking Big'). Steve Martin's 'Born Standing Up' describes the trials and tribulations of an entertainer's life (will either inspire you or discourage you completely if you can't take the hardship involved).

Magically, I have always enjoyed 'The Fitzkee Trilogy', 'Tarbell', and anything from the mind of Max Maven (Phil Goldstein) and Eugene Burger.

Message: Posted by: Tryllejakob (May 21, 2012 03:36PM)
Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde

Idears from.
Tom Stone
Paul Gordon
R. Paul Wilson
Rune Klan
Max Maven
Message: Posted by: Magic-Scott (Jun 25, 2012 09:29PM)
Dai Vernon - Revelations series
Message: Posted by: ronnyman (Sep 15, 2012 03:39PM)
Anything fiction. Sometimes I just need to give my brains and hands a break. I'll take a book and go hide somewhere and forget about magic for a while.
Message: Posted by: Ricardini24 (Nov 17, 2012 02:57PM)
To be honest, and I'm not sure I should really be admitting to this in public but, sitting down to watch a Harry Potter movie, especially the earlier to middle order ones. always seems to get me thinking creatively.

Beside the obvious magical content of the films I think it is the music and the production style that gets me thinking of creating new effects. Puts me in mind of doing something that really has a feel of the impossible about it.

Message: Posted by: JoshTmagic (Feb 18, 2014 06:43PM)
For me its seeing people that are better than me at what I am trying to accomplish so I know that it is possible to do what I am trying to do as well as so that I can tell myself everyday you are not trying to accomplish this goal that person is already moved onto something else!
Message: Posted by: Theodore Lawton (Dec 18, 2014 12:12PM)
It's a double edged sword- Tommy Wonder. Watching his old vids is motivating and tremendously discouraging at the same time!

Message: Posted by: Waters. (Mar 27, 2015 06:28AM)
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 17, 2015 12:08AM)
Excellent performances motivate me. When I see an excellent performance, act, or show. It get my juices flowing for week or two.
Message: Posted by: Soniczjx (Dec 13, 2015 04:33PM)
For books, Mr. Tommy Wonder's books motivate me. For videos, all Mr. Lance Burton's act really let me feel magic and inspired me and motivated me!
Message: Posted by: kidnapped1853 (May 20, 2018 07:27PM)
For me, its music. Music is not only motivating but may also help with creativity. Andre Kole once told me that he found classical music to be inspirational when creating a new illusion.