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Topic: Working performer 's card to wallet Ken Brooke
Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Feb 14, 2012 01:02PM)
I am looking for a review of this specific wallet, quality of the leather and workmanship. I used to have the Ken Brooke original, beautiful wallet but a little big.
This wallet looks the same but smaller, however I am not sure of the qaulity
here is the link to Stevens
Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Feb 15, 2012 11:14AM)
Has anybody this wallet and can comment on it?
Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Mar 6, 2013 10:40AM)
Has anyone has used this wallet and can comment on it?
Message: Posted by: brucewilcox (Sep 26, 2013 04:59PM)
I'd been considering this wallet for some time and finally broke down and ordered one. I purchased mine from Viking, but I believe it's the same wallet linked above at Stevens Magic.


Disclaimer: I've been focusing on mentalism (or at least mental magic) for years and have never performed card-to-wallet (or -to-envelope, etc.), so bear that in mind as this review is read. I've been working on routines where I'd use a card-to-wallet principle for things like p@cket-wr!ting a prediction and loading it into a wallet or envelope in a wallet,. Also, I've been on a wallet binge over the last year or so because, well, I like wallets (I have a huge non-gaffed collection).

Most recently I've been playing with a Mind Spy, a lovely Robson Instant Reset Mk 2, the venerable JOL Large Plus, a Super-Slim Hip Pocket Mullica, a just-acquired Barry Price wallet (to paraphrase Crocodile Dundee, "Now, THAT's a wallet."), and this, the Viking "Card to Wallet or Envelope", aka the Working Performer's Card to Wallet.

So, my impressions:

With my limited palming experience, the JOL and Robson wallets are to me the easiest and smoothest to load. That said, I really like the Viking wallet! Here's why:

* I really like the leather. The pebbled, heavily-grained surface seen in online photos attracted me to the wallet in the first place, and it looks even better in person. The leather on the outside is somewhat stiff and it's quite thick (this is no Super-Slim Mullica), but I like the sturdy, substantial feel. Great fit-and-finish as well, good sewing, straight seams and cuts.

* For a vertical, 4"x6" wallet, it looks natural, like something from the random-wallet display at a Wilson's Leather store.

* It's a billfold! It's a tall, vertical billfold, but it will hold a stack of unfolded U.S currency. This adds to the overall thickness, but it's the only wallet I own in this ever-more-common 4x6ish size that can do this.

* It's a Kaps and a Le Paul. Oddly, the Le Paul feature isn't mentioned in the instructions I received. I discovered that by accident as I was exploring.

* It has six credit-card pockets. To keep the width at just under 4", the pockets are narrower than they are on larger wallets that also have horizontal pockets. The instructions I received say that these pockets will hold neither regular business cards nor credit cards - they're correct re the business cards, but, while the pockets are a bit tight, my credit/debit cards fit fine in mine.

* Much less expensive than most new wallets. (Be sure to check the Viking link as well as Steven's.)

In the neutral to not-so-awesome category:

* For the Kaps-to-envelope on one side and the Le Paul-to-envelope on the other side, the envelope goes under a flap, not into a zippered compartment. There's a zippered compartment for a Kaps-style card to wallet which might be usable with an envelope, but it's be really fiddly, I think. If you want a card-to-envelope and have the envelope come from a zippered compartment, this probably isn't for you.

* No really good spot for business cards.

* As mentioned above, not as smooth loading as some others.

* The instructions call for loading into a #4 coin envelope in a manner that prevents the envelope from being examined by spectators prior to being ripped open. I haven't tried Bonsalopes with this yet, but I suspect that a Medium or smaller would work, and would give you an examinable envelope.

* Since it's in that 4"x6" form factor (like the Super Slim Mullica, the Robson Instant Reset and others), it's usable in a jacket pocket or a back pants pocket. When in a pants pocket and set for loading you'd want a jacket or shirt over the pocket if people are behind you.

I'm honestly not sure if I'll use this long-term for billet-to-wallet (or card-to-wallet) as the Robson, JOL and Mullica all seem to load more easily. However, because of the billfold pocket and the fact that it can easily fit all of my credit and debit cards, plus a few 3x5 index cards, I've started using this as my everyday wallet, and I like the wallet so much that I'd carry it with me even if it wasn't gaffed.

For others, if you like the idea of a sturdy wallet with Kaps and Le Paul features for under $70 (or less, check the links), I think it's worth a look.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Sep 27, 2013 12:56AM)
Note: (FYI) Fred Kaps Wallet and the LePaul Wallet are totally different designed wallets. Thus is not correct to put both names in the same sentence. They do not use the same gimmick design. The Kaps Wallet is for a signed playing card to Zipper compartment. The Lepaul Wallet is for a signed card to sealed envelope in Zipper compartment.
Message: Posted by: brucewilcox (Sep 27, 2013 09:38AM)

Thanks much for the correction. Let me retract my "Kaps and Le Paul" statement and just say that there are two different gimmicked sections. On one side an included slid@ can load a card either into a zippered pocket or into an envelope under a non-zippered flap. On the bottom of the opposite side there's an opening not mentioned in the instructions which could load a card into an envelope in a non-zippered section via two internal fl@ps very similar to those in a Seabrooke or Tony Curtis Le Paul.