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Topic: Blackpool?
Message: Posted by: Peo Olsson (Feb 20, 2012 01:49PM)
Sooo... how was Blackpool? Anyone care to tell us that could not attend?
Message: Posted by: Dale J. O'Neill (Feb 20, 2012 03:20PM)
It was Great as usual. I just got home and it is late. Maybe I'll post some thoughts and details tomorrow.
Message: Posted by: Flec (Feb 20, 2012 07:13PM)
Yu Ho Jin brought the house down with his beautiful act. Never seen so much appreciation for one act, and it was nice to see him overwhelmed with the standing ovation we gave him.

It was the kind of act that makes you want to give up magic because you realise you will never, ever be that good!
Message: Posted by: 1908 (Feb 21, 2012 05:57AM)
Flec is absolutely right! Yu Ho Jin took manipulation and magic ten levels up! That should not make you want to give up magic but make you try to get better! Juggler in the final show impressed me as well. Generally was not so impressed from the whole convention. Maybe they gave attention to FISM that will be in a few months, also I believe many magicians did not attend because they will hit FISM and the opposite. The last show was a bit too much, people started leaving the theatre before all the acts completed. Dealers the same and nothing really new to worth talking about. Same comedian as every year in Blackpool telling the same jokes same act. Same with the ventriloquist.